Spider-Man Is Finally In Marvel’s Avengers, And He’s A Hit With Fans

Prior to the launch of Marvel's Avengers all the way back in September 2020, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed Spider-Man would eventually join the game. The major caveat that was also revealed at the time was Spidey would only be available to those playing the game on PlayStation. Another speedbump in the road that is Sony's ownership of the Spider-Man IP. Well over a year later, PlayStation players can finally swing around Avengers via the web-slinger.

Spider-Man was officially added to Avengers on Tuesday. To put it mildly, people weren't hoping for much. However, the initial reaction to Spidey appears to be pretty positive. Despite the first look at the Spider-Man gameplay offered up last month, Avengers' players are reporting that they find the hero's gameplay pretty fluid and fun to use. The way Spidey gets around the map has been described by some as the best traversal mechanic outside of Thor and Iron Man's ability to fly.

The aforementioned gameplay footage showed Spider-Man's webs attaching to nothing, and Spidey bouncing off an invisible ceiling when you swing too high. In defense of Avengers' developers, most of the game's levels are pretty barren. Not only does that mean no tall buildings for Spider-Man to web on to, but also there shouldn't be any reason for you to need to swing all that high anyway.

As far as early responses on social media go, the only complaint comes from those who have played Insomniac's Spider-Man. Not that Avengers' Spidey isn't as good, since he was never going to be and it would be unfair to expect that, but players' muscle memory hitting Insomniac Spider-Man controls when using the Avengers version. Something Square and Crystal Dynamics can't really be blamed for, so that has to be considered a rare win for the game.

Now that Spider-Man has arrived, those left playing Avengers will be wondering what's next. With every major update to the game this year, there's always been the promise of Spider-Man in the future. Well, at least if you're playing on PlayStation. Now he's here, there hasn't even been a hint at which hero will be arriving next. That ultimately depends on whether Square wants to press on with major updates and character additions following the lackluster and problematic first year for Avengers.

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