Splatoon 3 Announces Season Pass And Inkopolis DLC

Splatoon 3 has announced its season pass which will net you two waves of content, Inkopolis and Side Order, the first arriving in Spring 2023.

Inkopolis, if you didn't play the first game, is the original hub, which you'll now be able to visit to get new weapons and gear. Inkopolis Square also served as the hub of Splatoon 2, expanding on Splatoon's signature metropolis.

As for Side Order, it shows a blank, white city, devoid of colour and life. This is inter-spliced with brief snippets of paint splatters and art of characters in obscured scenarios – this is a single-player, more story-focused expansion, that will implement bonus in-game currency, as well as food and drink tickets.

Characters appear older, the city has been revamped to fit better into Splatoon 3, and there's a concert where we several characters singing and dancing to the backdrop of giant blaring speakers atop trucks. This first DLC is touted as "a functional version of Inkopolis," looking to be a second hub that you can use explore adjacent to Splatoon 3's.

You'll be able to purchase the expansion pack later today, but wave one doesn't launch until Spring, and wave two further out.

While we're busy waiting for both waves of DLC to drop, Splatoon 3 is rolling out balance updates. Last month, it nerfed the Ninja Squid, which was an ability that let players swim through ink without creating ripples that typically alert other players to your location. To make it fairer, you swim ten percent slower, but this trade-off is more than worth it. However, the ink splash is no longer invisible after returning to kid form, so those using Ninja Squid will be easier to spot when they pop back up.

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