Splatoon 3 is Japan’s biggest video game launch ever

While it continues to be only a modest success over here, Splatoon 3 is doing phenomenally well in Japan and shattering all records.

It may have played things too safe for Western tastes, but Splatoon 3 is another major success for Nintendo, especially in Japan.

Nintendo has revealed that Splatoon 3 has already sold over 3.45 million copies. This includes both physical and digital sales.

This not only makes it the ‘highest domestic sales level for any Nintendo Switch software within the first three days,’ but it’s the biggest launch of a video game ever in Japan.

That mean seem surprising but Splatoon is incredibly popular in Japan and clearly the third entry has done nothing to diminish that.

There is a lot of Japanese-only merchandise, and there have even been multiple live concerts featuring the in-game pop duos – the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook – as virtual, holographic, idols.

As analyst Daniel Ahmad points out, this means Splatoon 3 has outperformed Animal Crossing: New Horizons (the previous fastest selling Switch game in Japan) and Pokémon Black & White, which originally was the fastest selling game ever in Japan.

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