Sprigatito Evolution Leaks, Leaves Fans Reeling

After managing to remain leak free for the majority of its marketing period, one fan has managed to get their hands on a copy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet early and is spreading just about everything they can online. Most notably, the game's starter evolutions are out in the wild now, and Sprigatito's middle evolution has fans on their knees. This is your first and only warning that there are Pokemon Scarlet & Violet spoilers down below if you want to try and see as little of the game as possible before launch.

When Sprigatito was first revealed, it quickly became a meme that its evolution would have it stand on two paws and make it bipedal, similar to pretty much every recent cat Pokemon that has been introduced – we're all looking at you Purrloin. Even though we all hoped that Sprigatito would remain on all fours, it isn't the case, as the kitten's middle evolution has leaked and reveals the bidepal cat design we all expected.

The design was first shared by Centro Leaks on Twitter, revealing that Sprigatito's middle evolution is called Floragato. Instead of sitting on all fours like many wanted, Floragato stands on its hind legs so it can play about with its strange flower yo-yo. It's definitely not Purrloin levels of disturbing, but its still a bipedal cat, and that's enough to send fans reeling. There's always the chance that Sprigatito's final evolution could put it back on all fours, but we all know that's just wishful thinking at this point.

At least it's a better design that Fuecoco's middle evolution, which is a lot less adorable and a little more disturbing. The evolution is called Crocalor and he has a sombrero made of fire resting on top of his goofy little head and an unsettling grin plastered across its face. His final evolution is also out there somewhere, as is a whole lot more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet spoilers, so hunker down and do your best to avoid social media before the game releases on November 18.

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