Spyro The Dragon Seems To Be Coming To Crash Bandicoot On The Run

Spyro the Dragon is the next character to join Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, if a teasing Tweet is to be believed.

The Crash Bandicoot: On the Run Twitter account shared a video with a character hidden within a vortex. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who they’re teasing, as the shape looks exactly like Spyro the Dragon.

The obvious teasing is pointed out by the account itself saying, “No chance you’re guessing who is joining Season 3… but give it your best shot” followed by a smirking emoji and a dragon emoji.

Spyro coming to Crash On the Run shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering the characters relationship with one another over the years, and it’s likely less of a surprise for members of the community as Spyro and several other new characters and locations were datamined from the game earlier in the month, showing off a pretty faithful version of Spyro that looks a little older than the one we saw in Reignited.

Interestingly, datamined assets from the game seem to imply that the whole season will be based on Spyro and prehistoric times, with all of the unlockable skins for Crash and Coco being themed around him. All of the villains in the game seem to have Spyro variants as well, which makes it seem like more than just a cameo appearance.

Although the video for the caption says, “who’s that boss?”, there’s a chance that Spyro will also be playable within the update. Leaked assets show that the versions of Spyro that Crash will be facing are all dark variants of the character, with no image shown for his normal state. That implies that he’ll be unlockable in some form, rather than just being a boss, as his regular form has been found in the game’s data as well.

Whatever ends up happening with Spyro, it’s far from the weirdest crossover Crash Bandicoot: On the Run has had. That award goes to The Noid, the Dominoes mascot.

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