Stalker 2 Has Reportedly Resumed Development After Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

GSC Game World was forced to pause development on the upcoming Stalker 2 when Russia commenced its planned attack on Ukraine. The team later reportedly moved development to Czechia, but not much information was coming through. It now appears that the team has resumed development on the game, almost two months after it was halted.

The news comes via the game's official Discord channel, where a fan asked if development on the game had resumed. A reply by a GSC Game World employee merely said, “It continues” (thanks, GRYOnline). While the reply did come from an employee of the company, there hasn't been an official statement as of yet.

The last time we heard anything about Stalker 2 was in April, when the Russian government blocked the game's official website as it asked visitors to support Ukraine in its time of need. The website had been blocked by Russia's Prosecutor General's Office as there was a banner that invited users to support Ukraine.

GSC Game World's head office was based in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv. Unfortunately, the city was a major target for the Russian invasion, forcing the developer to shift its offices and overall development to Czechia. Perhaps the move has now been completed and the team has settled in to resume development on Stalker 2.

Unfortunately it's difficult to know anything for sure, as there are multiple factors at play at the moment. Hopefully, the team will be able to find the peace and the strength that it will no doubt require to continue.

"On the 24th of February, Russia declared war on Ukraine and sent rockets, tanks and soldiers to our homeland. Our country is forced to fight for existence again. Seems like this is the price of freedom," said a statement by the developer back when the invasion started and the development was forced to pause. "This video is our answer to [the] 'how are you guys?' question. Now we are striving to help our employees and their families to survive. The game development shifted to the sidelines. But we will definitely continue. After the victory. Glory to Ukraine".

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