Star Wars Toy Designer Gives Horrifying Look At What’s Under A Jawa’s Hood

The new trilogy of Star Wars movies has revealed many different secrets from the history of the series, but fans now have an answer for a question that should have never been uncovered, as a new toy shows what a Jawa looks like under its robe.

Jawas were some of the first alien species revealed in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, as they were natives of Tatooine and often sold scavenged goods to the local moisture farmers, which is how Luke Skywalker met C-3PO and R2-D2. Jawas would appear in numerous Star Wars movies, TV shows, video games, and other licensed properties, the most recent of which was The Mandalorian. 

The Mandalorian might be the most beloved Star Wars property in years, but it has brought untold horror into the world. Hasbro has released action figures based on the series, one of which is a six-inch Jawa figure with a removable robe, harness, and gun. The decision to remove the robe was a bad one, as fans can now see what a Jawa looks like under its robe (thanks to thomasLharper on Twitter) and it’s… something.

Basically, a Jawa looks like a mixture between a burn victim and someone who was buried alive in tar. There have been plenty of Jawa toys in the past, yet the manufacturers never felt the need to make its robe removable. Why would they? Jawas are horrifying creatures with artificial yellow eyes that act like rodents, so why would the fans need to seek the charred and broken creature beneath their clothes?

The Star Wars fans have blamed George Lucas, Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, and J.J. Abrams for ruining the franchise, but whoever created this abomination at Hasbro deserves at least a portion of the blame. Fans might have wondered what Jawas looked like for a long time, but maybe that reveal should have been saved for a Star Wars movie or TV show, instead of immortalized in plastic.

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