Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know About The Volcano Dungeon

Everyone was excited to hear that the new 1.5 updates for Stardew Valley finally launched. With it comes a whole new dungeon that is themed around a volcano. This dungeon is the perfect place for veteran players to test their battle skills while looking for new enemies and items. They will have to figure out how to navigate around the lava while trying to reach the lowest floor of the dungeon.

Just like with Skull Cavern, the area adds a great new piece of end-game content that can add hours of gameplay. Below is everything players need to know before heading into the volcano dungeon for the first time.

10 It’s on Ginger Island

Players won’t just be able to create a new game and waltz right into the dungeon. They must first complete the community center and then help Willy fix his fishing boat in order to access Ginger Island. This won’t be possible until at least a year of in-game time has passed.

Players who already have a save, though, may be able to quickly make their way to the island as long as they’ve helped Willy out before.

9 The Watering Can is Essential

While sprinklers are the go-to item for farmers, the new dungeon gives the watering can a whole new use. The watering can have to be taken into the dungeon in order to even get to the first floor. By using the watering can, players can create paths across the lava to move around more easily.

The player will need to update their watering can in order to easily cross lava rivers and get the maximum benefit out of the item.

8 It Has Nine New Enemies

There are nine all-new enemies to deal with inside of the volcano dungeon. While some of them are familiar, like the Magma Duggy, others like the Magma Sprite will be all new to veteran players. These enemies don’t hit as hard as the ones in Skull Cavern, but they can easily overwhelm an unprepared player.

The Volcano Dungeon is made to trip up players and even has two enemies that come across as normal items before launching an attack when the player gets close.

7 There’s a Forge

There is a forge inside of the dungeon, but players will need to reach level 10 in order to use it. The forge is a first for the game and allows players to enhance their items and weapons. One of the best enhancements that a player can get is the ability for a weapon or farming tool not to use any stamina.

There is also an infinite water enchantment for the watering can, as well as a handful of attack buffs that can be added to the player’s sword.

6 Gated Doors

One of the new features that might confuse players is the addition of a gated door. These are actually pretty simple to unlock once players learn about buttons. Each door will be on a floor with corresponding buttons, and the player will need to push them all in order to proceed lower into the dungeon.

This can be a rather easy or difficult task depending on the monsters in the area and where the lava pools are located.

5 Mushroom Floors

There are strange floors that are both good and bad at the same time. The floor is filled with both Magma Caps and the False Magma Cap enemies that set around waiting to attack the player. The two can’t be told apart, so players will need to be extra careful when picking up items.

The floor won’t have any other enemies or items on it, so it’s a great way to grab a ton of Magma Caps without exerting a ton of effort.

4 Dungeon Shop

The things that can be found inside of dungeons shouldn’t surprise players at this point. For the volcano dungeon specifically, a shop run by a dwarf can be found on level 5 and contains tons of unique items. The shop offers food which can be especially helpful for players, along with bombs.

It’s a great way to stock up on items for players who carry tons of gold but don’t have the materials for crafting.

3 Island Floors

Island floors are floors where there are small patches of land inside of the lava pools. These can be especially troubling as things like switches are able to spawn on them. This is another reason why players need to take an upgraded watering can with them in the dungeon if they don’t want to end up stuck.

When players do have the watering can, island levels can be easy to navigate but still a bit time-consuming.

2 Few Exits

One thing that most players will notice immediately is that it is a lot harder to exit this dungeon. Ladders won’t appear on every level, which can be especially daunting when the player is badly injured or running out of time. Parrots will occasionally appear to take the players back in exchange for five golden walnuts.

It’s highly recommended that players make and carry warp totems with them when going into the dungeon.

1 New Items

With a new dungeon comes tons of new items. There are new collectibles like cinder shards that the player can use in the forge and even a ginger ale recipe. It’s up to players to search through the dungeon to ensure that they are able to collect every new item.

Along with new items, it’s also possible to find ore and gems like in the mine.

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