Stardew Valley Mod Adds Shrek’s Swamp And House

If you have ever played Stardew Valley and thought “this game would be so much better with more Shrek”, then I have some great news for you! A new mod allows you to transform the Standard Farm Map in the sim into Shrek’s Swamp. Now, you can live out your green ogre dreams from the comfort of your own, presumably less smelly, home!

The “Shrek’s Swamp” mod comes from user Wandox99 over on Nexus Mods. As the name suggests, it simply transforms the default Farm Map into a great replica of Shrek’s Swamp from the classic films. The only thing missing is a slew of Fairy Tale creatures and a green ogre shouting for everyone to get out of his swamp.

While this mod only transforms the land into the film’s swamp, the same modder has uploaded several sets to really bring the Shrek experience to Stardew Valley. After swampifying the farm, you can turn the basic farmhouse into a pixelated replica of Shrek’s house.

If that still isn’t enough for you, then you can download the mod that turns the game’s horse into Donkey. That’s right, you can have your own Donkey companion, just like Shrek. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t follow you around giving their own commentary like in the film (I think Eddie Murphy was too busy to lend his talents to the mod), but it is still a great detail to really drive home the Shrek experience.

Oddly enough, these are not the only Shrek-related mods for Stardew Valley. Earlier this year, someone added the ability to have the original Shrek film play in the Stardew movie theater. While obvious reasons stop the entire film from being played, it is a wonderfully spliced compilation of all the best bits.

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