Startech: Step aside Mario, brother Luigi is new hero in town

Step aside Mario, there’s a new hero in town and he’s only your blinking brother.

Yes, Nintendo’s plumber Luigi finally steps out of the shadow of his sibling to become the latest star on the Switch handheld, as he takes on a bunch of cutesy ghosts in a haunted hotel.

This is the third in the spooky series but the first on the portable console and is laugh-out-loud funny.

You play scaredy-cat Luigi as he battles to save Mario, Princess Peach and a bunch of Toad pals from the evil clutches of King Boo.

The ghost boss has unleashed a load of spooks onto a 15-storey hotel and it’s your job to suck them up in your Ghostbusters-like hoover as you slowly climb the building’s floors to free your friends.

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Nintendo’s classic charm is all over this game, with well-designed graphics sprinkling a host of varied ghosts with funny mannerisms and giggly slapstick moments.

And every time you think you’ve nailed the gist of the game, the makers throw in a new beastie or gameplay element to spice up the title and keep things fresh.

It’s a top Super Mario type game, made all the better for giving his bro a moment in the sun.

And with colourful cartoon visuals, hilarious standout action scenes and a shed load of hidden areas to explore you’ll spend months on this game.

Yet another Nintendo classic.

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