Steam’s massive 2020 Lunar New Year sale kicks off later this month

The Christmas Sale 2019 may have only just finished, but don't worry – just when you thought your virtual wallet would get a little rest, the folks at Steam have announced they'll be introducing a new sale this month.

The now-traditional Lunar New Year Sale will happen in January 2020, as per correspondence from Steam.

Valve typically holds sales around the same sort of time every year – we traditionally see Lunar New Year, Spring, Summer, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas sales.

And Steam has sent out some information telling us when we can expect to see a slew of PC games go on sale this year.

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What will Steam Lunar New Year 2020 include?

Details are still sketchy on exactly what games will be included in the sale, or what perks will be given to buyers, but last year saw Steam offer a generous bonus to anyone buying games from the store front during the sale period.

"During this year's Lunar New Year Sale, players will receive a one-time automatic $5 (or equivalent currency) discount on qualifying purchases over $30," Steam announced in the 2019 blog .

"On top of that, buying games during the sale will earn you tokens that may be redeemed for Steam rewards at the Rewards Booth . You can exchange your tokens for a shiny profile page, emotes, badges, and more instant discount coupons! These tokens will expire once the Lunar New Year Sale ends."

Will we see the same sort of generosity applied this year? We'll update you when we learn more.

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