Steelrising: How To Beat The Centaur Of Montmartre

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Well, you finally worked your way through the perilous tunnels of Montmartre. So then, what is your reward? Well, a life or death struggle with another Titan, of course. The Centaur is Steelrising's fifth boss. He is extremely mobile, capable of dishing out damage when at a distance, and has a dozen different ways to set you on fire. Needless to say, he is coming in hot!

However, as intimidating as he may be, we have all the tips and tricks you will need to go toe-to-hoof with this mechanical monstrosity. From outlining all of his attacks to revealing all his openings, we will help you put this horse out to pasture.

The Centaur's Attacks

As we indicated in the intro, the centaur is extremely mobile. He has a number of lunging attacks, as well as stabbing and swiping attacks. Nearly all of these are quite quick. More pressingly, The Centaur has multiple attacks that hit all around him. This means that a simple dodge is sometimes not enough. Oh, and he has a half-dozen ways to set you on fire. So look forward to that as well. Thankfully, there are angles that The Centaur isn't great at defending and a number of his attacks do leave him vulnerable. He may be tough, be he is far from unbeatable.

Spear Stab

This move sees The Centaur stab his spear forward. It is pretty quick, but it is also very linear and doesn't track. A swift dodge to the side will get you past this move every time. If he gallops towards you and stops, this is likely the move that will follow, so get the dash ready. Sometimes he will perform multiple of these stabs in a row.

Spear Swing

The Centaur doesn't turn particularly quickly when you are to his side, which is where you will be landing a lot of your attacks. However, this horizontal swing attack will turn him around, and it is quite fast. So, when you are sitting in the pocket, slashing away at the Centaur, be looking for this attack. If you are already to his side, another side dash will take you out of range while also allowing you to keep that favorable position. Otherwise, dash straight through it.

Hind Leg Kick

If you were wondering why we said that you should attack The Centaur from the side, and you pondering why we didn't tell you to attack his back, this is the reason. If you stand around behind The Centaur he will kick you with his hind legs. It doesn't do a ton of damage, but it will put an end to your offense and give him a chance to recover.

Charging Swipe

This move is pretty self-explanatory. The Centaur will charge past you and swipe at you with their spear as they do. This is a pretty predictable attack, so it isn't hard to dash right through it. It also leaves The Centaur extremely vulnerable, as it takes them multiple seconds to turn back around. This is another ideal opportunity to strike!

Horse Slam

When The Centaur rears up onto its hind legs, you know he is about to slam down onto the ground. This move hits all around him, and has pretty damn good range. It will also likely set you on fire if it hits. As soon as you see him getting those front hooves up, dash away. Remember to not go too far, though. Once the attack is over you want to be right back on him.

One thing to make sure to keep an eye on is how injured The Centaur is when he is doing this move. When he is hovering around half-health, he will use this move to transition into his second phase, but the shockwave will be considerably larger. So, if you see him doing this attack at around the halfway point, get as far away as possible.

Cannon Fire

This attack comes in two forms. He either fires in a vertical line, or he sweeps across, firing in a horizontal arrangement. Obviously, this attack is way more dangerous when you are far away. Which is a big reason for sticking close to him. Because when The Centaur starts firing their volley, they are incapable of stopping. This makes this move a perfect opportunity to deal huge damage.

Ground Stomp Combo

When you see The Centaur pooling fire underneath themselves, they are about to perform another attack that hits all around them. This one has more range than the standard Slam, and it hits multiple times. If you get pinned up against the wall when they do this one you will almost certainly die. You can knock them out of this attack with a fully charged attack with a heavy weapon, but you are playing with fire. The safest thing to do is to run far, far away.

Recommended Equipment

You have a lot of latitude here when it comes to weapon choice. Heavy weapons can sit The Centaur down, and you will have plenty of opportunities to hit him with your lighter weapon's combos. It is also a fight that will allow you to use your shield Special Move if you like, as many of his spear attacks are blockable. So, you will probably be fine fighting him with whatever weapon you like. The main thing to avoid is using any weapons that have a fire infusion special move, as he is highly resistant to fire.

Other than weapon choice, it is probably worth bringing a few flame resistance vials or equipping a fire resistance module. This isn't absolutely necessary, but you are going to be dealing with a lot of fire attacks, so it isn't a terrible idea.

The Centaur Battle Strategy

We think you probably already know this, but just in case you don't, when you are on fire you need to dash around as quickly as possible to put it out. Fire damage is no joke, so get dashing.

When fighting The Centaur there is one thing you are always going to want to do: get to his side. Going behind The Centaur is inadvisable, as they will kick your head in, but their turn speed is the one place where they are quite slow. Now, they can cover this by performing their quick Spear Swipe attack, but as long as you are looking for it, you should be able to avoid it. Stay to their side and keep stabbing them for as long as you can.

However, all good things have to come to an end, and that includes side stabbing. The Centaur comes equipped with a few attacks that will hit all around them. During the first phase, this will be a simple stomp attack. So, when he rears up on his hind legs, get some distance. Then, once he comes down, close that distance and start attacking the side all over again. If you get tagged by this attack, you will likely be on fire.

You don't want to get too far away, as that is when The Centaur will start firing their cannon at you. If you are hit by a cannon strike, a large amount of the fire effect will be applied. However, if The Centaur starts firing their cannon when you are near them, this is the perfect opportunity to land a fully charged attack!

Once The Centaur is at half-health, they are going to perform an enhanced version of their Horse Slam that hits pretty far and wide. This will also imbue all their attacks with the fire element. So keep an eye on their health and get distance when you see them preparing to transition. They will also spin their enflamed spear around as they do this, so there is a distinct tell.

In their second form, it will be more of the same, just with a greater likelihood of you being set on fire. In our battle with him, he did use his charging swipe more often in the second phase. This is a good thing, as it is another move that leaves him vulnerable enough to eat a fully-charged attack.

The main thing you are going to want to watch out for in the final leg of this fight is his Horse Stomp Combo attack. If The Centaur starts breathing fire onto the ground, he is about to perform this attack. Get as far away as possible. You can interrupt it, but if you get the timing wrong you may just end up dying in the process. This attack is bad news, don't play it risky. Just stick to the plan, and you will have The Centaur down before you know it.

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