Steven Universe’s Crystal Gems Blast Into Brawlhalla

Steven Universe is coming to Brawlhalla in an epic crossover with the Cartoon Network. If you haven’t yet seen Steven Universe, stop reading and go watch the five seasons, two mini-series, and one movie that stars Steven and the Crystal Gems. We’ll wait.

Done yet? Great. Now you’ve witnessed the finest cartoon program ever put on television. You’re welcome. Since you’re up to speed, Brawlhalla will soon be hosting a crossover event with Steven Universe. Starting December 18th, Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems invade Brawlhalla as Epic Crossovers. This means they basically take the place of existing characters but with updated visuals, animations, and sounds.

Garnet will be the Epic Crossover of Petra, Amethyst is Xull, Pearl is Kaya, and Stevonnie (that’s the fusion of Connie and Steven) is the crossover for Val. All of them will have new signature attacks that are largely based on their abilities in the show. Each of these crossovers can be acquired for 300 Mammoth Coins each, and they’ll be available even after the event concludes.

Why crossover with Steven Universe? Because Brawlhalla hosts crossover events with everything great that isn’t owned by Nintendo or Disney. Steven Universe certainly falls into this increasingly-rare category.

In addition to the crossover characters, Brawhalla will be getting a new map and a new game mode. “Bubble Tag” will pit teams of three in a last man standing battle, but instead of trying to knock your opponents off, you’re just trapping them in gem bubbles. Attacking them causes a bubble, which teammates can break by tagging them. The team that all gets bubbled first loses. There’s also going to be a new menu screen and an additional daily login bonus to keep you coming back for more.

Brawlhalla is quickly becoming prodigiously packed with characters. Just last month, Brawlhalla introduced four new WWE wrestlers to its roster. This included Roman Reigns, Randy Savage, Undertaker, and Asuka. This brought the total number of playable characters to over 50.

Brawlhalla is also coming to mobile devices later in 2020 and will support cross-play with all other platforms. If you’re looking for a great brawler to play on whatever system you want, take a look at Brawlhalla.

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