Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Beginner Tips

It's Final Fantasy, but not as you know it. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin might offer some familiar faces, locations, and concepts, but this is a new twist on an old story that has more brutal and difficult gameplay than the series has ever seen before.

There's plenty to learn when it comes to the game, but there's also lots of customization so you can find the right fit for you. If you're about to catch up with Jack and attempt to take down Chaos, we've got some helpful tips to help get you started.

Don't Be Afraid To Change The Difficulty

Stranger of Paradise was developed by Team Ninja — the team behind the Nioh series — so you'll see a lot of similarities between the two when it comes to combat. Battles are a lot more challenging, far more so than any Final Fantasy game to date, so you might find yourself a little overwhelmed.

There's no shame in lowering the difficulty of the game so you can enjoy it at your own pace, with Story Difficulty offering an additional Casual Mode to make it even easier for players if they wish. Difficulty can be changed from the world map menu.

Explore To Find Rewards, Shortcuts, And Rare Monsters

Each dungeon area that you visit will have lots of off-shooting paths, areas hidden behind breakable walls, sneaky shortcuts, and more. It's worth exploring to the fullest to grab all those treasure chests, find hidden collectibles that give insight into the story or unlock more side missions, and you might even encounter some rarer monsters that will earn you better loot once killed.

You can tell which walls are breakable as they will look different from their surroundings, with cracks or other signs of weakness. Sometimes, a room will be barred with vines instead, so use Fire magic to take these down.

Complete Side Missions

All dungeons can be replayed, but you'll quickly notice that side missions will become available too, offering a new challenge to complete in the same area. Some will unlock naturally as you progress through the story, while others will unlock by finding and collecting Memory Mementos (purple orbs) hidden in levels.

You should complete side missions where possible to earn yourself some sweet rewards. It's not just decent equipment available, but upgrade materials, Anima Crystals and Shards, and the ability to unlock additional content, such as new jobs for your allies.

Focus On Dark Vents

You'll come across Dark Vents pretty frequently, they're those hellish-looking monstrosities that block the way forward and spew out enemies. It's best to focus on defeating the Dark Vent first — that's if you are able to survive the onslaught from other nearby monsters — as defeating the Dark Vent will auto-kill any monster that it has spawned too.

Switch Up Your Battle Sets And Party Setups

You will get the most out of this game by putting a little time and effort into customizing your team. There are a total of 27 jobs that you can unlock for Jack, and while your allies are more limited in their roles, you can unlock more jobs for them as you progress and fulfill certain criteria. You can have two of your allies with you at any one time, leaving you with lots of possibilities when it comes to party setups.

For Jack, you can customize Battle Sets, allowing you to change between jobs at the press of a button. There's also Job Affinity, which grants bonuses to Battle Sets, as having an affinity with a job will allow you to use some of that job's powers and gain EXP for it. Weapons and Armor can also affect Job Affinity, so you really need to fine-tune your setup to get the most out of it.

Thought we were done? Not a chance. Jack can unlock Advanced and Expert jobs. Advanced jobs have specialized abilities and can use a wider range of weapons, while Expert jobs are made to be customized and allow you to combine different roles to tailor-make your own kind of gameplay. Play around in the Battle Settings menu to create your perfect team.

Keep Your Equipment Up To Date

You're going to be picking up a lot of equipment. Like… so much, you won't know what to do with it. One thing is for certain though, you need to keep checking in with your crew and equipping the best possible gear for them. If you don't want to manually do this, you can opt to just give them the best equipment at the press of a button by simply choosing 'Optimize Equipment' from the Battle Settings menu. Job done.

Item Dismantling And Weapon Upgrades

As we previously mentioned, you're going to get overloaded with equipment and you're going to want to keep your best gear equipped while paying attention to Job Affinity bonuses. You can hold 500 pieces at any one time, and with 27 jobs on offer, that means there are a lot of sets you can customize. But what about the junk you no longer want?

You have two options — you can dismantle equipment via the World Map by going to the Cornelia menu and choosing 'Smithy'. Dismantling weapons will give you various materials that can then be used to upgrade weapons at the Smithy. Your other option is to send your equipment into Storage, which can hold up to 4,000 items.

Don't Neglect Your Combo And Command Abilities

As you unlock more nodes on the Job Tree, you'll unlock various abilities and commands for different jobs. Be sure to go into the Battle Settings menu and equip new abilities into your Combo Ability slots. Some abilities can only be used in certain slots, and some weapons can also give you special abilities that you can equip too. You can also equip up to three Command Abilities from the Battle Settings menu too, so don't forget to swap these from time to time too.

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