Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: How To Get Anima Shards

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is here, and it narrates the story of Jack and his friends, the Warriors of Light, on their journey to kill Chaos. This adventure will take you to different dungeons and zones inspired by past FF games, while you level up a wide variety of Basic, Advanced, and Expert Jobs that will change your approach to combat during these missions.

However, leveling up those many Jobs can be a hard task, which is why items like Anima Shards come into play. These crystal shards will help you to earn a bit of extra experience, so you can always stay on top of your game even if you want to change to brand-new classes mid-mission.

What Are The Anima Shards?

Anima Shards are consumable items that will award you Job experience points, and you can simply use them while selecting a skill tree in the Job menu. Every shard will award you 4000 exp points and you can use multiple at once, which makes this item incredibly useful if you want to level up a Job you don't want to use, or if you want to add some extra juice to the ones you have equipped. These can be obtained as rewards or drops on different missions.

How To Get Anima Shards

You can obtain Anima Shards as rewards from completing different missions, and also as a reward for unlocking a new Cube within a mission level. Usually, you will get one per cube, but this resets when you exit the mission and come back, which allows you to farm missions to obtain multiple Anima Shards.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to complete the Side Mission in the Chaos Shrine, called "Azure Memories: The Betrayer". This mission involves running for a bit until you find and kill a Griffon Queen, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to activate the few cubes in your way to the fight and complete the mission to get an average of 3-4 Anima Shards.

It's worth noting that playing missions on Multiplayer mode will award you a bigger amount of Anima Shards, so playing co-op becomes also a good way to quickly level up your Jobs.

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