Stray: How To Get Every Badge

There have been a lot of heroes in futuristic settings, but Stray allows you to explore such an environment as a cat. The story revolves around the cat's quest to reach the outside from within the bowels of a cyberpunk city populated by robots living among certain dangers.

You'll take the cat through different areas collecting certain items and talking to various robots in order to progress, and most of it is in the name of the story. However, there's one type of collectible that's completely optional and really adds some flair to the cat's appearance, and that is the Badge.

What Are Badges?

Stray is mostly about the story and the path you follow to reach the end. Pretty much every item you collect is required to complete the main mission, but Badges aren't among them. These are small circular buttons with colors and graphics that can be pinned to the cat's harness.

There are six Badges to find over the course of the game, with each one requiring you to complete a certain task.

Doc's Badge

This is the only Badge you'll obtain by going through the story. After talking to Momo, you'll be directed to Seamus, who's distraught over his missing father.

Once you give him hope that his father Doc may be alive, Seamus gives you this Badge to identify you as a friend.

Music Lover Badge

While exploring the Slums, you can find a lone musician to the left of where the Guardian is standing guard. However, the musician has no music to play and asks for your help in finding some.

Around the Slums are eight Music Sheets which you can take to the musician to hear a tune. Deliver all of them to the musician, and you'll get this Badge as thanks.

Flower Friend Badge

The next community you'll arrive in is Antvillage, a peaceful area arranged in a tower. Climbing up it will take you to a robot who is tending to some flowers. Talking to them will reveal that they're hoping to complete their garden with Blue, Red, and Yellow flowers.

If you explore Antvillage, you'll find these flowers growing out the side which you can collect and deliver to the gardener. You'll get this Badge once you deliver all three.

Stray Badge

This is a mysterious Badge that possesses the glitchy cat logo to identify the Stray. You can get this Badge soon after you enter Midtown. Go up the street, and you'll see a robot with a hat and coat on the right standing at a shop window.

Enter the shop and go into the back to find a backwards code on the wall. Climb up the shelves to reach a safe, enter the code, and get this Badge.

Police Badge

A startling fact about Midtown is the aggressive enforcement presence hanging around. If you go up the main street, you'll eventually pass a clothing store before reaching a law enforcement outpost. Between the two is an alley with lots of climbable surfaces.

Climb up the outpost wall on the right to reach an open cell window with a defunct robot on the ground. Search them to get this Badge.

Neco Badge

Continuing through the Midtown Chapter, you'll eventually have to explore the Neco factory. As you go through the facility, you'll eventually see a robot worker looking over some railings with a light. Talking to them will reveal that they've lost their keys.

Keep going through the factory until you reach a watery area with some barrels. Jump across the barrels to reach a corner where the keys are laying. Take them back to the worker to get this Badge.

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