Stray: Where To Find Every Flower In Antvillage

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Stray has several hub areas that are generally free from danger. They break up the often life-threatening situations you and B-12 will find yourself in whilst making your way to the surface. These hubs often have side quests and collectables to give you something extra to do during your visit.

Antvillage is no different, although when compared to the likes of The Slums, it is much smaller. In fact, there aren’t many side activities you can indulge in, although there is one notable one – collectings plants. A botanist near the end of this section is looking for some plants, and you need to get them. Here’s where you can find them.

All of the plants can be found before you get to botanist, and they are all on the beaten path (more or less). You won’t be able to grab any of the plants until B-12 has processed a story reveal, however.

Where To Find The Red Plant

The Red Plant can be found almost immediately, although you won’t be able to grab it straight away. When you first enter the Antvillage, there is a pair of robots playing dominos. Next to them is a bucket lift.

Jump into the bucket, ride it down, and walk across some pipes to the tree with the red flowers. Interact with the tree to obtain the Red Plant.

Where To Find The Purple Plant

The Purple Plant can be grabbed straight after the Red Plant. Simply go back to the robots playing dominos, and you should see a tree branch protruding from the village. Gaze to the left, and you will see it has purple flowers in bloom.

All you need to do is walk across the branch and grab a flower. Simple as that.

Where To Find The Yellow Plant

The final plant is actually the hardest to find, simply because it’s the only one not in plain sight. Continue to climb the Antvillage until you reach the Bar. Walk to the end of the Bar, and you will see a pipe that you can jump onto.

Jump onto the pipe and walk across it until you bump into the Yellow Plant. This is the last plant you need to complete the quest.

Take The Plants To The Botanist

Once you have all three plants, all you have to do is go back to the botanist and hand them over. She will reward with a badge, for completing the quest.

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