Stray’s Trophies Want You To Laze About Like A House Cat

Stray day is almost here! The cute kitty game launches July 19 on PSPSPSPS (PS4), PSPSPSPSPS (PS5), and PSC (PC). If you're an achievement hunter and want to plan your route to the fabled Platinum trophy early, then you're in luck. Stray's full trophy list has been revealed.

Shown on Exophase and spotted by VG247, Stray's trophy list contains a lot of the standard video game achievements you'd expect to see. Beat the game, beat it in under two hours, don't get spotted during a stealth level, don't kill anyone in another level.

The best trophies in Stray are the more feline-focused ones. One of them requires you to scratch in every chapter. Hopefully, this means there's a dedicated scratch button, like the hum feature in Transistor.

Another adorable cat-based trophy involves wearing a paper bag – that thing silly kitties do where they then wave around all confused because there's a paper bag on their heads. They're so silly.

Another requires you to meow 100 times, which also makes us hope there's not only a dedicated scratch button, but a dedicated meow button too. Maybe not a button for that weird leg stretch cats do when they lick themselves, though.

A slightly more sinister trophy requires you to die nine times – better play purrfectly after that. You also have to be a typically chaotic cat and scratch the vinyl in a club.

But, despite all the shenanigans and chattiness, two trophies really stand out for making you be a lazy housecat. One that requires you to sleep for more than an hour, and another which needs you to browse through all of the TV channels. Why be an active alley cat when you could simply relax like Garfield?

Stray follows the adventures of a cat who falls into a world populated by robots and machines. He has to return to his family with the help of a little robot companion, because even pets need pets. But not pets of pets, that would be ridiculous.

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