Streamer Adin Ross Transitions From Twitch To Kick

The content creator Adin Ross recently announced that he would be making the switch to a brand new streaming platform, Kick. The news has been creating something of a stir within the gaming community in the wake of numerous bans affecting Ross on Twitch. The streamer was banned on the platform as recently as last month.

Ross is mostly known for his entertaining streams and his ability to connect with followers. He can frequently be found streaming Grand Theft Auto 5, Roblox, and Minecraft. Since getting started back in 2019, the content creator has managed to build up a following of more than 7 million people, at least as of January, 2023. Ross on the other hand has been involved in several high profile controversies concerning figures like Andrew Tate and Kanye West in addition to countless comments of a questionable nature.

Kick offers better monetization opportunities for streamers and more privacy options for viewers compared to other platforms like Twitch. Kick also emphasizes the building of strong connections between content creators and their audiences. These features clearly appeal to Ross who previously complained about feeling under attack by Twitch, mostly for his controversial content.

“I got a call,” Ross mentioned. “I’m not going to say specifically who it was, you know who you are. And you basically said if you keep doing controversial stuff and you keep saying certain things, we’re going to have to take you down indefinitely. So, I got a threat.”

This appears to have convinced the streamer that changing platforms at some point is inevitable. “I’m going to Kick this week,” the content creator told viewers. “I’m going to be doing Omegle, watching live sports, watching movies, prank phone calls,” Ross remarked in reference to various Twitch metas. “There’s no terms of service over there. You guys can say whatever you want in my chat.”

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