Streamer Beats Elden Ring Twice At Same Time With Controller And Dance Mat

If you keep up with the challenges Elden Ring players set themselves, you've probably heard of MissMikkaa. The streamer has achieved great things in The Lands Between, but beating two copies of Elden Ring at the same time might be the most impressive thing she has done with the game to date.

Actually, it may well be the most impressive thing anyone has done with the game so far. Completing two copies of the game simultaneously alone would have achieved that, but what MissMikkaa has now managed is even better than that. Rather than wield two controllers, the streamer used a controller to play on PS5, and a dance mat on PC at the same time.

If you follow MissMikkaa on Twitch, or you have been following our coverage of her Ultimate Challenge Run, then you'll know just how good she is. The controller/dance mat run began almost exactly a month ago, and within a few days of it starting, the streamer had already beaten Margit. MissMikkaa revealed on Sunday that the run is now complete, sharing footage of her beating two Elden Beasts at the same time.

Since completing the Ultimate Challenge Run, MissMikkaa has been playing The Witcher 3. Just the one copy, and with a controller, but she is doing it on Death March difficulty which is hard enough as it is. The streamer is yet to reveal what she will do next with Elden Ring, but unless she grows a couple of extra limbs, it's hard to fathom how exactly she could do something more impressive than what she has already achieved.

MissMikkaa fans might have to wait until Elden Ring's DLC finally arrives to see something new from the streamer in The Lands Between. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but after taking home Game of the Year at The Game Awards, Elden Ring's creators hinted there's a lot more they would like to do with the game and its universe.

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