Streamer In Right Place At Right Time Saves Girl From Weird Stalker

With one legendary move, IRL Twitch streamer “robcdee” was able to save a stranger from a stalker who was following her. Most of the time, streamers are the ones getting stalked; This time, however, a streamer was the one saving another from stalking.

As shown in the clip, the woman identifies Rob as someone who looks like they might help her and, with some quick acting skills by the pair, the unwarranted advances of the strange man were driven off.

Really, the woman was the one who saved herself with some quick thinking. Luckily for her, Rob was a fantastic person to bet on considering how instantaneously he picked up on the uncomfortable situation – something most people would’ve likely handled with much more confusion.

Essentially, this woman was walking in the Shibuya ward within Tokyo – notorious for its drunks and suspicious characters who tend to wander around at night. Rob is an Australian migrant who has been living in Japan since 2013, a veteran of the culture and layout of the area. His ability to mesh with just about anybody and everybody on the streets has undoubtedly made for some entertaining stream content.

This certainly wasn’t a normal situation for Rob, yet one of many awkward situations that he has handled with grace. Fans of the channel saw this happening as one of many situations in which the IRL-streamer quickly acted on his feet in order to help out a stranger.

Most of the time Rob doesn’t even seem to care that he receives nothing for the help he brings people, some of them completely unaware of the absolute solids he does them. Take, for instance, this sly move which resulted in the freedom of some random ladies who were attempting to escape the clutches of an incoherent drunk man.

He comically says to himself, “they’ll thank me later,” acknowledging the fact that the deed would go unnoticed by the citizens.

All-in-all, Rob is clearly one of the good ones. If people were as quick to help as this Australian streamer, the world would certainly be a better place.

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