Street Fighter 6 Launching June 2, 2023 According To PlayStation Store Leak

The Game Awards go down tonight, during which up to 40 announcements will be made. As always, some of those announcements have been leaking ahead of time in the days building to the awards. With just hours to go, you might now be able to add Street Fighter 6 to the leak list as its release date appears to have been revealed ahead of time.

Screenshots of Street Fighter 6 appearing on the PlayStation Store started to show up on social media on Wednesday night (thanks, VGC). Opening the store listing, which now appears to have been taken down, revealed a number of details about the game, including its release date. If accurate, Street Fighter 6 will launch on June 2, 2023, a date that aligns with what Capcom has said about and hinted at regarding the game.

As is the case with quite a few big titles launching in 2023, Street Fighter 6 had previously been given nothing more than a vague year-long arrival window. However, Capcom previously confirmed it only has one major game launching between now and the end of the current financial year on March 31, 2023. That will be Resident Evil 4's remake which is currently slated to launch a week before the end of this FY on March 24, 2023.

The timing of the leak suggests Street Fighter 6 will have a presence at The Game Awards tonight. Not only might its release date be officially revealed, but judging by the leaked listing, which also included a Deluxe option, players will be able to pre-order the next game in the Street Fighter series a few hours from now. The only visible difference between the Standard and Deluxe editions is a one-year character pass, implying the base game will be getting paid DLC.

On top of potential new details being confirmed tonight, Street Fighter fans also have a second closed beta to look forward to beginning on December 16. Let's hope this one isn't ruined by hackers who forced Capcom to delete the last one after they made it playable forever.

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