Subnautica: Pro Tips To Conquer Survival Mode

Subnautica has several modes for players to choose from, with one of them being Survival Mode. You are responsible for managing your food, water, and oxygen levels, as it seeks to be more realistic in regards to your physical health. It can be difficult, especially when first starting out, to figure out how to manage this.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can make you an expert on Survival Mode in a flash. You will be navigating the waters with ease in no time as you begin to understand the elements of survival that most players neglect.

Know Your Limits

You have limited oxygen and knowledge when first starting out in Subnautica, which is why it is important not to push it. It is fun to try and reach the far depths of the unknown ocean floor, but this will only lead to your death by drowning and a loss of all of the materials you worked so hard to collect.

There are also plenty of dangerous creatures to avoid, as they can quickly put an end to any scavenging. This will continue to set you back and prevent you from moving forward in your crafting of items, which can make Survival Mode very difficult.

Carry Extra Supplies

When traveling out into the unknown you always want to carry extra supplies. The most important thing to stock up on is Water Bottles because there is nowhere else for you to acquire it while out and about. It is possible to loot it once in a while, but this is not enough to keep you alive on a long journey.

You also want to utilize Salt Deposits to preserve cooked fish, as this will give you more nutritional sustenance and drain less of your water. It is possible to eat the fish raw that you catch, but this isn’t an ideal option.

A few other items you should carry on you are an extra Oxygen Tank, which is one of the many ways to obtain oxygen, and Batteries. If you dive deep and find yourself running out of air you can switch the tanks to give yourself a bit more time. The Batteries are for your Seaglide, as it tends to chew through power and it is easier to explore when you have a way to move quickly through the water.

Craft New Items Efficiently

It is best to be mindful of which items you choose to craft and avoid creating anything that won’t be of use to you. The first things on your list at the beginning of the game should be things like an Oxygen Tank, Fins, a Knife, and a Scanner.

As you discover more blueprints and take more calls on the radio it will become less apparent what direction the game wants you to take. You need to take into consideration your supplies, which resources can be easily attained, and what you are missing from your experience.

Scan Like Your Life Depends On It

The Scanner will become your best friend as you attempt to scan everything in sight to unlock blueprints and new resources. You want to look inside the metal boxes scattered across the ocean floor and scan the pieces inside to give yourself access to new craftable items.

It is best to always have it on hand as unlocking these things will make life easier for you on this alien planet.

Only Store The Items You Absolutely Need

Your storage is limited so it is best to only keep the items you absolutely need. You can build waterproof lockers, but they too only hold a few materials and it can grow tedious to search each one once you have more than five.

A few things you can probably drop are things like Salt Deposits, Titanium, and Acid Mushrooms as these can be found commonly near your Lifepod.

Use Flares To Help Guide Your Way

Flares might seem like a waste when first starting out, but they can be very useful once you start exploring deeper cave systems. It is easy to lose yourself inside of them, which can lead to your drowning.

You can drop Flares as you take twists and turns in these caves, so you can easily follow them back out. It will make life so much easier, especially when attempting to explore caves that are borderline out of your reach as you try to beat the game.

Utilize Vehicles

The first vehicle you will probably unlock is the Seamoth and you should use it to your full advantage. It will allow you to travel great distances to new biomes at a decent speed and even help you reach the bottoms of deep caves.

All you have to do is drive it down to about 200 meters, then jump out to explore and reenter it when your oxygen levels are low. However, do be wary if traveling too close to the remains of the Aurora as a Reaper Leviathon can destroy your vehicle if you are not careful, which is a clip that proves this game has some survival horror elements.

Create A Habitat

A Habitat is a big step up from the Lifepod as it gives you so many more options within the game. There are various rooms you can build and it allows you to create a new base in a different part of the ocean, which is why it is one of the best underwater games.

You can charge batteries, add water filtration, modify items, grow plants, and so much more. It is a safe space for you to recuperate and craft, as this is often needed in Survival Mode.

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