Super Mario 3D World’s Switch Port Includes Four-Player Captain Toad Action

When Super Mario 3D World hits Switch next month, an extra kaiju inspired campaign won’t be the only addition it brings to the table. The official Super Mario UK Twitter account tweeted out a short video this morning that showed off the Captain Toad levels from 3D World with a new twist: four-player cooperative action. That’s right, the previously single-player only levels will now be playable with all of your friends.

It’s a small change, but something that is very much appreciated. It also makes complete sense considering that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Switch was given cooperative support in a post-release patch. While that game only has two-player, Super Mario 3D World was built around four-player platforming. It would be strange to kick two of your friends out when Captain Toad crops up.

Surprisingly, Toadette does not make an appearance as one of the playable characters here. I know there are plenty of differently colored toads that show up throughout Captain Toad, but Toadette is a fan favorite and generally wonderful character. As some people have pointed out on Twitter, these colors are specifically the Toad Brigade that was featured in Galaxy and 3D World, but I wouldn’t mind some retconning. It’s not like Mario has a complex story.

Whatever the reason, at least you won’t have to jarringly stop co-oping to solve Toad’s side activities when blasting through 3D World on Switch. Considering most people are probably coming for the extra campaign, anything that can keep the pace going smoothly is a welcomed addition.

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