Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald’s Toys Leak Online, Hint At Mario Kart Scene

Boy, some McDonald's employees really don't care much about Super Mario Bros. movie spoilers do they? After first leaking Mario and Peach's design before the first trailer dropped, several promotional toys that'll be released alongside the film have now also leaked online, giving us a hint at some things that might happen in the movie.

As shared by Twitter user AidenRS139, eight promotional Super Mario Bros. movie McDonald's toys have been leaked online, alongside some more detailed action figures. The characters featured in the McDonald's toys include Mario jumping down a pipe, Mario in a kart, Luigi with a torch, Toad in a kart, Peach t-posing, Bowser breathing fire, Donkey Kong throwing a barrel, and a strange-looking Luma.

McDonald's toys probably aren't the best thing to use to make assumptions or guesses about the Super Mario Bros. movie, but there are a few interesting things to note here. For starters, Toad and Mario being in karts seems to imply some sort of sequence based on Mario Kart will appear in the movie, while Luigi holding a lantern is giving off some big Luigi's Mansion vibes.

This is also the first time that we've seen Donkey Kong's design for the movie and, yep, he looks just like Donkey Kong in the games. More interestingly is that strange out-of-place Luma that's included in the toy lineup. We've not heard anything about Rosalina or anything from Super Mario Galaxy being in the movie, so it seems a bit strange to include with the main cast. Some have speculated this is Charles Martinet's character, but we'll have to wait and see.

Some action figures also leaked alongside the McDonald's ones, giving a little bit more detail on the movie and supporting some of the things that the McDonald's toys suggest. Mario's figure can be seen with a plunger, confirming without a doubt that he'll be a plumber in the movie, while Luigi can be seen with a big torch, similarly to his McDonald's toy. Peach has some kind of stick with a heart at the top of it, while Toad has a frying pan similar to the one we saw him carrying in the reveal trailer.

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