Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fourth DLC fighter is a SNK character reveals leak

The next DLC fighter for Smash Bros. could be Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, Mai Shiranui, or Marco Rossi if a convincing new leak is true.

In what seems to be a rare slip-up, Nintendo themselves appear to have given away the fact that the next Super Smash Bros. DLC fighter is from arcade legend SNK.

Over the weekend, a page on the European Nintendo website for the fourth DLC fighter included copyright information for SNK Corporation. Which kind of gives the game away, given there are no SNK characters in Smash Bros… yet.

To add to the suspicions the entire page has now been taken down, which is always a good sign it was important, and given the context the only question now is which character is it?

Given SNK’s speciality in fighting games there’s a wide range of different characters it could be, although Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury is probably their most iconic.

Boss character Geese Howard is also a good guess, especially as he recently appeared as a guest character in Tekken 7; while Mai Shiranui might be a way to increase Smash’s roster of female characters.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fighting game character though and could potential be Marco Rossi or one of the others from Metal Slug or one of SNK’s other action franchises.

The best guess though is that it’s at least someone that has appeared in The King Of Fighters, which many don’t realise is a crossover fighter already, since it features a number of characters from other SNK games, including fellow fighters and the likes of Metal Slug and Ikari Warriors.

Haohmaru from the recent reboot of Samurai Shodown may also be a good bet, although at this point we think everyone’s had enough of ‘guy with sword’ characters.

As always there’s a chance this could be a fake, but apparently the page was up for a while before being taken down.

It does put a hole in fan theories that the Doom Slayer and someone from Overwatch were the most likely last two characters, although at least there’s still a chance for one of them to fill the fifth slot.

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