Surgeon Simulator 2 Is Free For NHS Staff

In an amusing (and kind) move, Bossa Studios has made Surgeon Simulator 2 free to all National Health Service workers in the UK. Through October 22, all NHS workers–including surgerons, doctors, and nurses–with a active and valid NHS email can claim the game for free on PC.

Released in August of this year, Surgeon Simulator 2 is a wacky, cartoonish simulator where you play (big shock) as a surgeon. With a crazy physics engine and complete disregard for medical accuracy, Surgeon Simulator 2 is just a grand old time. You have to focus on saving Bob, replacing limbs and organs as needed – or as wanted. For example, you can use a bar of chocolate to break Bob’s rips, in order to get at his lungs and heart. Surgeon Simulator 2 also adds a co-op mode, so you can work with (or compete against) your friends to save Bob.

Don’t worry. Bob has the strongest anesthesia. He doesn’t even feel a tickle when his head gets sawed off.

Dr. Idris Morgan, a real-life doctor also known as Doctor Mim on YouTube and Twitch, said this: “Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolutely NOT a viable medical training tool. However, I do enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I’m confident medical professionals around the world will find Bossa’s interpretation of medicine, and the possibility of five-second heart-transplants, very amusing.”

In addition to the free game, Bossa Studios has also created a speed running event. Premiering on October 15 at 10 am BST, the fundraiser will run for 24 hours, and will feature real doctors–a cardiothracic surgeon, a chief cardiologist, a radiologist, an IT technician, and many others–racing to see who can complete a heart transplant the fastest. Streaming here, the event will be raising money to improve the MRI facilities in North Lincolnshire and Goole hospitals.

The game looks hilarious, as shown in the above clip, even if the controls appear to be finicky and somewhat difficult. While frustrating, that can also lead to more hilarious hijinks.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is now available in the Epic Games store for $24.99, and comes with a story mode, and a brand-new, up to 4 players cooperative mode – along with new characters and different types of operations.

Sources: Bossa Studios, National Health Service

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