Swordsman Antagonist The Jötunn Revealed In Exclusive Look

Like many of you, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on SinnStudio’s swordsman, a Blade & Sorcery-esque VR combat game with promising physics-driven combat. Today, we’ve got an exclusive look at the game’s antagonist.

Feast your eyes on The Jötunn, a hulking beast of a boss who, in Norse mythology, emerged from the realm of Jötunheim (or rather, the frozen wasteland in one of the Thor movies). The Jötunn is here to enslave humanity and has built up an army of Earth’s most vicious warriors to aid him. Captains from all corners of the globe including Knights, Vikings, Mongols and Samurai each have a captain with a supernatural weapon to challenge you with. You’ll need to beat them to face The Jötunn.

This fight with The Jötunn looks quite brutal, even in its earlier beta stage. His weapon, Hellfire, is the source of his power. Take him down and you’ll be able to use it for yourself, too.

Swordsman sounds like it might have some substance to it, then. We also know there’s a progression system that sees players upgrade armor and gear in a hub world, but putting on heavier armor will also reduce your speed in combat. We’ll be excited to see how those systems handle in the full game, but it certainly sounds like the game is doing a lot to separate itself from its inspirations at this stage.

Swordsman is aiming to launch later this year on PC VR and PSVR headsets. Looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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