Tactical shooter Squad gets Canadian troops, more modding and a free weekend.

Squad, the tactical shooter in Early Access on Steam, got a new set of modding tools today and developer Offworld Industries is celebrating that with a free weekend. Also Canadians.

The Canadian Armed Forces, a playable faction that began as a mod, will join the game as its first official downloadable content, which will be free to everyone. That expansion will also include more weapons and vehicles “giving one of the world’s most well known armies some well deserved spotlight,” Offworld said in a statement. The update will also carry two snowy maps, Quebec and Nanisivik.

As for Modding 2.0, as the toolkit is called, a total conversion mod called Space Crew is available to play and highlights what users are capable of. In Space Crew, players solve puzzles and try to survive against a menace called the Raptor. Offworld released a trailer showing the sci-fi homage in action.

Squad is also the subject of a livestream beginning at 4 p.m. EDT, where the Canadian Armed Forces DLC and other features are to be discussed in greater detail. The free weekend is underway right now, and goes until Sunday at 4 p.m. EDT.

Squad, backed by a Kickstarter campaign, launched in Steam Early Access back in 2015 and has developed a strong following for its focus on realism and team communication to win matches. In it, allied units of players, led by squad leaders, face off against an opposing force of similar size; objectives are generally tactical, such as capturing and controlling locations, destroying ammunition supply points, or engaging and eliminating reinforcements.

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