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Deneb is a recurring character in the Ogre Battle series and usually has a pretty complicated recruitment process. Fortunately, the method used to recruit her was simplified a little in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, but there's still some legwork to go through.

Lover of Glass Pumpkins and the only character who can use the Wicce class, Deneb has a lot going for her – once you get her, you'll know that she's the magical nuker of your dreams and, perhaps, your nightmares. But how should you build her? We've got some suggestions for you.

Check out the link to Deneb's recruitment quest above to find details for unlocking her Wicce class.

Backline Wicce Build

This build hones in on Deneb's offensive capabilities, at the cost of her staus-infliction skills.

EquipmentBest spellbook you have for the extra boost in spell range. Can be swapped battle-to-battle to take advantage of racial weaknesses.
SpellsSparksphere, Firestorm, Supernova, Drain Mind
SkillsSpellbooks, Meditate, Magic Time!, Engulf

Thanks to Magic Time! alone, Deneb becomes one of the most self-sufficient nukers in the game. This auto-skill will grant Deneb both Spellcraft and Spellstrike, making it extremely efficient for the cost of a skill slot – like a souped-up version of Concentration.

  • Having a full roster of fire spells gives Deneb the best toolkit for tackling any situation thrown at her. She can take on single targets with Sparksphere, clumped up groups with Firestorm, and even send out tactical nukes with Supernova.
    • Supernova is gained through the Shrine quest in Chapter 4.
  • Once you get access to it, consider swapping Spellbooks for Cudgels to use the Wand of Fire. This will be another great boost to Deneb's damage output.
  • Deneb is a pretty fragile character, but you can make her work well. As long as you keep her protected, she should be able to contribute significantly to your damage, especially if Magic Time! triggers early in the battle.

    Midline Wicce Build

    This build seeks to take advantage of Wicce's more interesting skills, Witch's Smile and Stirring Kiss.

    EquipmentGoing for defensive stats wouldn't be a bad idea for this build, so consider a Ring of Vitality for Deneb's accessory. Alternatively, either the Ring of Clouds or the Sidhe Ring once you have them, to give Deneb better movement options to get in or out of danger when required.
    SpellsFirestorm, Supernova, Drain Mind, Petriburst
    SkillsMeditate, Magic Time!, Witch's Smile, Stirring Kiss

    If you're a fan of controlling the battlefield with status effects, this build might be the one for you.

    • Firsly, Deneb's spellbook is changed up a little here to lean more into the status effect side of things. Petriburst is a fantastic spell that takes enemies out for a significant amount of time, so it's worth taking instead of another damage spell. Drain Mind is here to supplement Deneb's MP, which is always a useful thing to do – especially if you can target enemies who would otherwise love to use Finishing Moves on you.
    • Magic Time! is as useful as ever – Spellstrike and Spellcraft in one package is not something Deneb should ever pass up.
    • Witch's Smile is an auto ability that Charms nearby units – but only if they're male. Place Deneb next to male enemies to make the most of this ability – but beware tough physical foes and those with Resist Charm. Some careful thought is required with this skill.
    • Stirring Kiss, on the other hand, is an action ability with a more forgiving range of two tiles. It can Stop and Hobble enemies, severely reducing what they can accomplish in a fight. This is best used on big threats, such as those aforementioned pesky bruisers with a love for Finishing Moves.

    This build feels riskier to play but is incredibly satisfying to pull off.

    Witch Build

    This build is for those who, for one reason or another, didn't get Deneb's Wicce class unlocked. It does have one advantage over Wicce – it can use Draconic Magic, which you can get from the Palace of the Dead.

    EquipmentYou want every boost to your magical damage output that you can muster. The Wand of Fire will be fantastic once you pick up the Cudgel Enchiridion from the Palace of the Dead.
    SpellsAnnihilation, Sparksphere, Drain Mind, Petriburst
    SkillsCudgels, Meditate, Engulf, Concentration

    As you can see, this build tries to incorporate aspects of both prior Wicce builds.

    • First, we have a pretty obvious focus on offensive magic. Annihilation is a great Draconic spell for nuking groups of enemies, and Sparksphere is for those moments where Deneb doesn't quite have the MP for big nukes. This is generally all she needs in a pinch.
    • Drain Mind is great, as always, but could be swapped for Drain Heart if you find your Deneb is excessively fragile.
    • Petriburst is the only status effect that this build gets to use, but it's still one of the best in the game.
    • With Engulf, Deneb can quite safely stay a backline unit without much worry.

    Missing out on Wicce is a big blow, but rest assured that she's a perfectly serviceable unit either way.

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