Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Every Recruitable Character In The Game

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Tactics Ogre: Reborn has a lot of characters. Protagonists, villains, villains who become protagonists, and protagonists who become villains. As will many strategy RPGs, it's possible to amass quite the army.

Some of these characters will join you automatically, but most other characters have some requirements that you'll have to fulfill first. These range from keeping them alive in a battle to more complex, sometimes infuriating methods.

Chapter 1

CanopusVartanCanopus will join automatically at the start of the battle at Tynemouth Hill.
DonnaltoClericIn the battle at Krysaro, keep Donnalto alive to recruit him at the end.
FeliciaClericIf Donnalto dies during the battle at Krysaro, Felicia will join instead.
SaraArcherSara joins at the end of the battle in Krysaro.
VoltareKnightVoltare joins at the end of the battle in Krysaro.

Chapter 2 – Lawful Route

XapanBerserkerSave Xapan in the battle at Qadriga Fortress to recruit him.

Chapter 2 – Chaotic Route

ArycelleArcherArycelle will join as a guest when you beat the battle at Xeod Moors if she survives. Keep her alive through the next few battles and she'll join as a regular party member after the battle in Tynemouth Hill.
CistinaValkyrieWhen you reach Boed Fortress, if you've had Folcurt and Bayin join you as guests and they've both survived every battle until now, you can ask Cistina to join you.
FolcurtKnightIn Krysaro, agree to help Folcurt and he'll join you as a guest. Keep him alive until Boed Fortress, make sure Bayin joins you too and survives until you meet Cistina. When you invite Cistina to join you, Folcurt will also come along.
BayinWizardKeep Bayin alive during the battle at Qadriga Fortress and agree to his request to gain him as a guest. As long as you have both him and Folcurt along when you reach Boed Fortress and ask Cistina to join you, he'll also join with her.

Chapter 3 – Lawful Route

JeunanDragoonAfter the battles in Brigantys, there will be a choice to make in the cutscene directly after. Answer with the second response to get Jeunan.
RavnessValkyrieWe have a dedicated guide to recruiting Ravness that you can find here.
VyceRangerVyce will join your party upon recapturing Almorica Castle.
ArycelleArcherArycelle will join your party upon recapturing Almorica Castle as long as you didn't kill her or let her die in any battle in Chapter 2, apart from the one in Port Asyton.
MirdynWhite KnightMirdyin will join your party upon recapturing Almorica Castle.
GildasWhite KnightGildas will join your party upon recapturing Almorica Castle.
HobyrimSwordmasterHobyrim will join your party if he survives the battle against Ozma in the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime.

Chapter 3 – Neutral Route

MirdynWhite KnightMirdyn will join you at Almorica Castle
PhaestaValkyrieMake sure that Phaesta, Chamos, and Tamuz survive the battle at Qadriga Fortress to recruit them all at the same time.
HobyrimSwordmasterYou can recruit Hobyrim after the battle at Qadriga Fortress by giving him the first dialogue option when presented with a choice.
OeliasClericSave Oelias and Dievold at the battle in Port Asyton to recruit them.
DievoldTerror Knight

Chapter 3 – Chaotic Route

HobyrimSwordmasterIn the battle at Bahanna Highlands, save Hobyrim to recruit him after the fight.
MirdynWhite KnightWhen you return to Almorica Castle, Mirdyn will join you.
GildasWhite KnightWhen you return to Almorica Castle, Gildas will join you.
CeryaValkyrieCerya will join you automatically after the battle at Boed Fortress.

Chapter 4

OlivyaClericOlivya will join after the battles at Brigantys Castle.
CressidaNecromancerWe will have a full guide to recruiting Cressida soon! Check back later.
  1. In the battle at Hagia Banhamuba, reduce Sherri to critical HP without killing her. She will escape with a Shiftstone.
  2. After the following cutscenes in Coritanae, enter Balmamusa while it is raining to recruit Sherri.

You can make it rain in Balmamusa by entering a Training battle there and using multiple Horns of the Savage. Once it's stormy, retreat from the battle, leave Balmamusa, and then re-enter. There's a small chance it stops raining – just try again.

OzmaKnight CommanderWe have a dedicated guide to recruiting Ozma that you can find here.
XapanBerserker[Lawful Route Only] If you don't already have him recruited, reducing him to critical health during a fight in Golyat will let you recruit him.
CatiuaPrincessWe have a dedicated guide to recruiting Catiua that you can read here.
AzelstanBuccaneerWe have a dedicated guide to recruiting Azelstan that you can read here.
LindlFusilierAfter the events at Barnicia and Phidoch, read the Talk topic Rhamsen Wreck Raised and go to Grimsby. In the battle here, make sure Lindl survives, and he'll join when you win.
OcionneBeast Tamer[Lawful Route Only] After the events at Barnicia and Phidoch, read the Talk topic Mysterious Blast at Exeter. Make your way to Vasque, dealing with all the battles on the way, and then head north to Lhazan Fortress. In the battle here, deploy Jeunan and make sure you witness every dialogue between Ocionne, Jeunan, and Denam – you'll know you've seen them all when Denam states that Jeunan's remorse is sincere. Then finish the battle, but not before then, and make sure Ocionne survives.
GanppBeast TamerAfter the battle at Grimsy, read the Talk topic The Bandits of Neimrahava to open up Neimrahava Wood. In the battle there, reduce Ganpp to critical health without killing either of his Gryphons. He will join, along with Obda and Berda, his Gryphon pets.
Obda and BerdaGryphonObda and Berda will join along with Ganpp, whose recruitment is detailed just above.
DenebWitchWe will have a full guide detailing Deneb's recruitment soon – check back for more details later!
RudlumWarlockRead the Talk topic Mysterious Blast at Exeter to unlock the path to the Palace of the Dead. Fight your way there and start descending in the Palace of the Dead – on the second floor, make sure Rudlum survives the battle to recruit him.


IuriaSongstressIn CODA episode one, read about Iuria in the Talk topic and then head to Port Omish. Escape the ensuing battle by moving your units to the entrance. Then, read the new Talk topic about Iuria, close the Warren Report, then open it again for yet another new Talk topic. Go to the Pirate's Graveyard and fight your way right to the end to recruit Iuria.
WarrenAstromancerReach Floor 115 of the Palace of the Dead during CODA episode two and make sure Warren survives the battle against Rodrick and your doppelgangers.

This is only available if you have Catiua and Mirdyn canonically alive and recruited – in other words, you can't access CODA from a Neutral playthrough, and Catiua must survive after the Chapter 4 events in Barnicia.

LanselotHoly KnightIn CODA episode three there are two battles at the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime – make sure Lanselot survives the second one to recruit him.

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