Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Ravness Build Guide

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In the grand Tactics Ogre tradition, Ravness is one of those tricky characters to recruit, requiring multiple challenging fights and some forethought if you want her. Thankfully, she's more than worth the effort and is one of the better physically aligned characters in the entire game.

You can pick Ravness up if you manage to save her in an optional battle in Chapter 3 of the Lawful route of the game, and only then if you managed to save her multiple times in previous chapters and recruited good ol' Hobyrim.

Valkyrie Build

Valkyrie is Ravness's default class, and it's a perfect choice for her.

EquipmentThe best spear you have available and an accessory that boosts either her physical attack or her HP.
SpellsSpiritsurge, Boon of Swiftness, Dispel, Heal
SkillsSpears, Meditate, Conserve MP, Constitution

This build is meant to make Ravness a frontline who can support her allies, and she does it really well.

  • This roster of spells will make sure that Ravness always has something to do, even when out of melee range. Spiritsurge is a great backup attack – especially against physically-resistant enemies, Boon of Swiftness is always great, Dispel can be brilliant for cutting buffed enemies down to size to speed the battle along, and Heal is nice to have around when you can put it to use.
  • Meditate is a pretty fantastic skill to have on a character with really damaging Finishing Moves, and Conserve MP will make it so that Ravness's spellcasting might not even put a dent in her Finishing Move reserves.
  • Constitution helps bulk Ravness up a bit – always great for a frontliner.

The strategy with this build is to build MP as quickly as you can, taking advantage of Conserve MP triggers to cast any spells that might need it and using Finishing Moves to devastate enemies. Thanks to her very low RT and Boon of Swiftness, Ravness should be getting turns far quicker than most of your other units, and will be a brilliant offensive force to be reckoned with.

You may wish to consider changing Ravness's element to lightning with a Lightning Charm – this will provide a significant damage boost to the Giga Tempest Finishing Move that unlocks at Spears level 30. Giga Tempest is a wonderful move that deals a ton of damage to an area, and is possibly the most useful attack Ravness will have – in both this Valkyrie build and the White Knight build below.

White Knight Build

Once you recruit Mirdyn and Gildas, you'll also get some White Knight marks. These can also be used on Ravness, and to great effect.

ClassWhite Knight
EquipmentThe best spear you have available and an accessory that boosts her physical attack.
SpellsHeal, Awaken
SkillsSpears, Velocity Shift, Paralysis Blade, Guardian Force

This build trades some of Ravness's magical flexibility for a great deal more auto-ability support. It's also a great deal more resilient than the Valkyrie build, and allows Ravness to be something of a tank.

  • We don't take Rampart Aura here – that's best left to bulkier units with shields. As a spear user, Ravness benefits from being agile and flanking enemies, not taking them head on. That said, we do take Guardian Force – she's more than bulky enough to help reduce incoming damage for her fellow flankers and can self-heal reliably with magic.
  • Velocity Shift is one of the best skills in the game and should be on any White Knight build you make. It's an auto-ability that cuts RT for the user and their surrounding allies, which will bring their turns forward significantly. It cannot be understated how useful this is – getting more turns than your enemies is a foolproof roue to success.
  • Paralysis Blade is just fantastic – a surefire means of inflicting Stun while dealing physical damage is great, and with spears, Ravness can inflict stun on more than one enemy with a single attack.
  • As far as items go, being a frontliner makes revival items and Dynast-King's Mead great choices for Ravness. The frontline is where you'll get most of your casualties, making the former great, and Ravness will be among the first to reach threatening bosses and horribly tanky monsters, making the latter incredibly useful.

Awaken is a spell used to remove Sleep and Charm from an ally, but here's a tip: throwing a stone at them will accomplish the exact same thing without costing any MP, and will only inflict a single point of damage. Only use Awaken when you can't get a good aim at your target with a stone.

Velocity Shift alone might make this build superior to the Valkyrie build, so it's well worth trying out as soon as you get your hands on those precious marks.

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