Take On The Sengoku Era As A Gen Z Anime Girl In Samurai Maiden

What's the one thing we can all agree Sekiro was missing? That's right. Lesbians. Well, we don't need to mod any in, instead, we have Samurai Maiden to look forward to. It's a brand-new "girls sword-fighting action game" from D3 Publisher, and it's coming out this winter.

Samurai Maiden looks pretty tongue in cheek, featuring a young woman from the 21st century who finds herself waking up in the Sengoku era. Instead of crying about it or whining as most of us would, she gets straight to killing and amassing a hareem of devoted lesbians.

The trailer shows off the game's Borderlands-esque art style and frenetic combat that involves both sword slashing and ninjutsu. Each of the girls in your party have different abilities. One is a fox-girl of some sort, another is a ninja, and the final one shown has a huge power glove – not unlike the 1989 Nintendo one recently connected to a Switch.

In the game, you'll fight against all sorts of evil creatures and traverse trap-filled dungeons with axes that swing from the ceilings and spiked logs that roll down slopes.

Fortunately, you have the power of the gays on your side, as we can see the fighters sharing a kiss mid-battle to unlock some special power. Even swinging across ropes is gay, as we see the main character held caringly in the arms of one of her harem.

Best of all, we don't have to wait that long before getting our hands on Samurai Maiden, as its announcement trailer reveals it'll be coming this winter. That could still mean early 2023, so don't count on it being a stocking filler just yet.

Since discovering this trailer, lead features editor and Chad lesbian enjoyer Jade King has not been seen or heard from. We can only assume she has worked herself into a gay frenzy and is writing about this game on one screen while the trailer plays on loop on another.

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