Tattoo Artist Is Inking All 151 Original Pokemon For Animal Welfare Charity

A tattoo artist in the UK is raising money for an animal welfare charity by inking all 151 original Pokemon throughout 2023. All proceeds raised are being given to Blue Cross, an organization dedicated to pet advocacy, pet rehoming, veterinary care, and more.

In a post on Instagram, William Langford of Zen Tattoo Art studio in Suffolk said that the idea for the charity drive came to him after Ash announced his retirement after finally becoming the Pokemon League Champion. "This season of Pokemon is the last one with Ash Ketchum as the main character," he wrote. "With Ash retiring from kidnapping wild animals and forcing them to fight, I have decided to do some charity work."

All tattoos are to be "palm size," with the goal of raising £4000 from all 151 original Pokemon. He's done eight Pokemon so far, including Bulbasaur, Slowbro, Mew, Pikachu, Snorlax (in slightly psychedelic colors), and Cubone, and according to the BBC, he's already got 10 more Pokemon lined up.

"They were very popular when I was little so they’ve always been an interest of mine," Langford told the BBC in an interview. While Langford’s initial explanation for sending the money raised to Blue Cross was a bit of a joke, he also seems to have genuine compassion for animals that had a tough time during the pandemic.

"It's been a strange time for everyone since Covid and now the cost of living has gone up," he explained. "I’m aware many animals got rehomed or given away during the lockdowns and it always happens around Christmas time too, so I chose to raise money for the Blue Cross."

Even with 10 more customers booked, Getting all 151 Pokemon done in a year will require a lot of work. That's a Pokemon every two or three days, and if he can't keep that breakneck pace, he might need to perform a Pokemon-tattooing blitz.

Speaking of Ash's retirement, voice actress Sarah Natochenny has a touching tribute to Pokemon fans posted to TikTok that you can check out here.

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