Tekken Tag Tournament 3: Will Bandai Namco release another TTT game for PS5?

The next Tekken game is already being discussed by Tekken enthusiasts – the on-going success of Tekken 7 has primed the series' fandom for the next title in the franchise.

But which game will come out next – Tekken 8, or Tekken Tag Tournament 3?

Typically, we see developer Bandai Namco launch a few main line games in a row, with a Tag Tournament title breaking up the series every so often.

We saw Tekken Tag Tournament launch as a PS2 release game in the PAL region in 2000, followed by Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in 2012 (launching on PS3 and Xbox 360).

Are we likely to get a Tekken Tag Tournament 3 next? Here's what we know so far.

Next-Gen Fighting Games

  • ​Street Fighter 6
  • Tekken 8
  • Injustice 3
  • Virtua Fighter 6
  • To determine which game will come next, we can take a look at games sales. The Tekken Tag Tournament games are a spin-off from the main series and as such don't sell as well as their main-line counterparts.

    As of March 2013, Bandai Namco revealed that Tekken Tag 2 has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide – not a bad number, but certainly not as much as the main games in the series.

    Tekken 7, for example, has sold through over 5,000,000 (as of December 2019).

    That suggests that Bandai Namco will potentially opt to release another mainline game next, to capitalise on the series' success as the new generation of games consoles starts to release.

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