Temtem: Every Cosmetic Item Available So Far (And Where To Find Them)

Temtem is great for a number of reasons, not the least of which for actually building on the classic Pokémon formula for the first time in what feels like decades (probably because it is the first time). It’s also great for having a whole bunch of character customization options so that you can really feel like you’re a part of Temtem‘s colorful world of adorable monsters.

There are a lot of different customization options in Temtem. Many of them are available from the start during character creation, but some of them can only be obtained by exploring all that Temtem has to offer. And also by spending Pansuns, so I hope you’ve managed to win a few Temtem fights along the way.

In Temtem, you can customize your head, top, bottom, and backpack, or you can wear an entire outfit called a “set.” We’ll go over each of these different options and where you can get ’em. Note that this list is likely to change in the future as Temtem is still in early access and is expected to get a ton of content over the next 12-18 months.


This represents various haircuts, hats, goggles, and other head-related adornments.


Whether its a t-shirt, vest, bikini, or jacket, these torso coverings (or not so coverings) will let you show off your style.


Shorts, shorter shorts, skirts, and pants make up this category. Don’t expect to get anywhere on Temtem’s island without wearing one of these.



Backpacks are important to every Temtem tamer. They keep all your Temtem training supplies, your clothes, and your bedroll for when you sleep under the stars. If you ever actually sleep, that is.


There are a few full suits that can be found in Temtem. These will prevent the player from equipping tops and bottoms, but not heads or backpacks.

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