Terraria: How To Get The Pet Fairy

The enemy fairies found in the Hallow biome can be turned into a pet. The Hallow biome is only available after you kill all the main bosses and your world turns into Hardmode. Once you defeat all the skeletons and Cthulhu’s and walls of flesh, this biome will naturally spawn. A fairy pet acts as a light pet that provides a decent amount of light to follow you around with.

You can have up to three pets in Terraria. One of them is more of a minion you can summon for extra damage, but they are cute so they count. The other two are a normal pet and a light pet. Light pets provide more vision in dark spaces without having to have a torch out or a mining helmet on that’s replacing armor. To have a fairy light pet you need to craft a Fairy Bell.

Ingredients For Crafting Fairy Bell

  • 25 Pixie dust
  • 8 Soul of light
  • 10 Soul of sight
  • A bell

How To Get Soul Of Light

Soul of light is a sparkly floating object that enemies from the underground Hallow drop. You’ll have to farm these until enough or even one is dropped so that you can craft this pet. Each biome has caves that follow it’s biome and enemy theme. Hallowed beaches underground work just as well as a Hallowed forest. Any enemy can drop it even if it is not a Hallowed enemy, so long as it’s in a Hallowed underground cave. You’ll need eight of these.

How To Get Soul Of Sight

This is the hardest ingredient to get because it requires killing one of the later game bosses. The Twins are one of the many mechanical bosses. Because they are two floating eyes, well, they will drop some souls of sight.

Once they are defeated they will drop a hefty amount of soul of sight which should be enough. The Twins are also only available in Hardmode and may either naturally spawn if you’ve destroyed an evil biome altar in your world or may be summoned with a Mechanical Eye. The Mechanical Eye can be crafted with three lenses dropped from regular eyeball enemies at night, five of lead or iron bars, and six soul of light. Because this is a Hardmode mechanical boss you want to be prepared with the best armor and the best weapons.

How To Get Pixie Dust

Pixie dust is the easiest material to farm to craft a Fairy Bell. Just go to the Hallow biome at any time of day and chop down actual, real fairies until you have about 25 pixie dust in your inventory. An evil task for your own benefit, but it’s what must be done.

Where To Get A Silver Bell

Last but not least, the actual bell. You need a regular old bell to basically enchant into becoming a fairy bell that summons a companion. The wizard NPC sells a normal silver bell for one singular gold coin. This NPC is only available and able to spawn once your world is in Hardmode. He’s one of the few NPC’s that you’ll stumble upon in some caves and must talk to to recruit and have them spawn in an empty house. Once you have this last ingredient, you have to combine all of the ingredients at a Mythril or Orichalcum anvil to create a Fairy Bell. Now you’ll have your very own independent light source and magical fairy pet.

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