Terraria’s Final Update Will Hit Nintendo Switch Early Next Year

Terraria on Switch will receive the Journey's End update in early January just as after the new year. That's according to Re-Logic's most recent blog update that revealed how busy the developer is despite having released what was supposed to be Terraria's last major update.

The Switch is a little bit behind the rest of Terraria's platforms as Nintendo's vetting process is a little slower than everyone else's. Complicating matters and preventing Journey's End from releasing in time for the holidays is the fact that many companies have already started their winter break. As a result, Journey's End will hit the Switch on January 4.

"As we all know, that means a lot of folks out on vacation and/or full company shutdowns," explained Re-Logic. "If we were to release – say in December – this would create a scenario where if there are any bugs or issues at all, they would essentially be impossible to fix (even if DR had a fix made instantly) until probably sometime in mid-January. This gets the update out just as soon as possible in the new year, avoiding that risk."

In the meantime, Terraria recently launched its Don't Starve Together crossover event which brings several new items, the Deerclops boss, and a new world seed that combines gameplay elements of both Don't Starve and Terraria. Re-Logic and Klei even teamed up to make a great trailer, which you can watch above.

A new console patch is in development to better optimize game performance on PlayStation and Xbox along with several bug fixes that should hopefully cut down on Xbox crashes. Expect that to arrive sometime soon.

Re-Logic is also asking for votes in the Steam Awards category for Labor of Love, and considering how long they've been toiling away at Terraria, that award certainly sounds appropriate.

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