Thanks For Watching Game Informer's Extra Life 2019 Charity Stream!

Update: Thanks everyone who tuned in and donated to a great cause! The archive of the full, crazy stream (and some highlights) will be going up later this week.

We’re streaming for 25 hours to raise money for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota! We’re streaming games, auctioning off rare items for the US only, and throwing pies to raise some money and help some kids. Donate right now for a good cause by clicking here! You can follow along and donate on, YouTube, and Twitch.



Below is a rough outline of our schedule (in Central time) starting at 8am on Saturday morning. Let us know what you think of these options in the comments below!

8:00 AMPictionary
10:00 AMJackbox Party Pack 6
11:00 AMUntitled Goose Game
12:00 PMHeave Ho
1:00 PMAuction Hour
2:00 PMGoldeneye
3:00 PMDream Surfing
4:00 PMCall of Duty Gunfight
6:00 PMThe Last of Us: Left Behind
8:00 PMAuction Hour
9:00 PMSmash Ultimate
10:00 PMYou’re in the Movies
11:00 PMJackbox Party Pack 6
1:00 AMBreath of the Wild Hard Mode
2:00 AMYouTube Karaoke
3:00 AMFinal Fantasy VII
5:00 AMNintendo Land
7:00 AMPictionary

Get Involved

If you want to get involved and raise some money for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota, you can click here to join Game Informer’s Extra Life team or donate right now for a good cause. We need your support again this year, so get ready to bug all of your friends about our stream. Be sure to thank Game Informer’s Extra Life team captain Zachary Pligge and champion Jack Gardner for their help every single year!


Auction Bundles

This year we’re auctioning off some amazing collectibles and priceless gaming history for bidders within the United States. You can catch just a small glimpse of the items we’re auctioning off for charity below. You may notice some amazing, historical t-shirts in the gallery below – those are all from the personal collection of Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara and his three decades of attending events throughout the industry! Check out a tiny chunk of what will be on the auction block this weekend in the gallery below.


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