The 10 Best Hisuian Pokemon

Regional forms for previously existing Pokemon were first introduced in the seventh generation games Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, unlike Mega Evolution and Z-moves, they were not completely put aside in the next generation. Regional forms stayed, and with them came brand-new Pokemon that evolved from these ones.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus continues this trend with the addition of Hisuian Pokemon: Pokemon that once existed in the Hisui region, known as Sinnoh in the present, and are no longer around for currently unspecified reasons. But not all regional forms and evolutions are created equal, so only some can be considered the best ones.

10 Growlithe

Due to being based on both puppies and tigers, plenty of fans already found Growlithe adorable. The reveal of its Hisuian form made it even nicer. Something about its rock-like fur covering its eyes increases the cuteness factor tenfold. Unfortunately, cuteness is where the appeal of Hisuian Growlithe both starts and ends.

Its new Rock and Fire dual typing is nothing new and has already been used before by Pokemon like Magcargo, Carkoal, and Coalossal. The Hisuian form of its evolution, Arcanine, also loses the adorability factor. Maybe it's best not to evolve Hisuian Growlithe if it isn't necessary and keep its natural beauty.

9 Goodra

One of only two sixth-generation Pokemon to receive a regional form (the other being Avalugg), Hisuian Goodra adds a Steel typing to previously pure Dragon-type Pokemon. With it comes a gloomier expression, a giant shell. Like many other shelled Pokemon, Goodra uses its shell to protect itself. Its signature Shelter attack helps with this by increasing its defense one stage and making any opponents' moves more likely to miss, making it more evasive than its real-life inspiration.

Like its Kalosian counterpart, its friendly disposition makes it resent being alone and will be angered if left by those it deeply cares about.

8 Overqwil

Like a number of other single-stage Pokemon, Qwilfish is one that players have been waiting to see an evolution of for several generations. Its new, darker, Hisuian form finally does get an evolution in the form of Overqwil.

It may just be a bigger Qwilfish, but it becomes more terrifying due to its aggressive behavior and tough diet of poison and spikes. It has even gained the nickname of "the sea fiend," and its Barb Barrage attack is nothing to laugh at as it can deal damage, poison the target, and cause even more damage if said target has a status condition.

7 Basculegion

Basculin is a Pokemon that was designed late in the development of Black and White when it was realized that there weren't very many fishlike Pokemon in that game. As a result, there didn't seem to be much notable about them besides having two Unovan variants — and the fact that people once ate them.

However, Basculegion, the evolution of the Hisuian white striped variant, is a much-needed improvement. Basculegion is said to be possessed by the souls of other Hisuian Basculin who didn't make it upstream, which gives Basculegion seemingly unlimited energy for swimming, making it great for traversal.

6 Wyrdeer

Like Qwilfish, formerly single-stage Pokemon Stantler finally received a Hisuian evolution — despite not having a Hisuian form of its own. Wyrdeer adds a Psychic-type on top of Stantler's Normal typing, a combination that was used only once before with the single-stage second-generation Pokemon Girafarig. Additionally, its beard helps make it look wizardly, pairing well with its Psychic typing.

This is also the first Pokemon players can use for traversal in the game, although it's limited to flatter land and cannot climb mountains, swim, or fly. Despite what it lacks, it's still pretty useful when traveling through long stretches of land.

5 Kleavor

While Scyther has been able to evolve into Scizor since the second generation, it also has a Hisuian evolution known as Kleavor. In a way, Kleavor is like an ancient version of Scizor, with a Rock and Bug dual typing instead of Steel and Bug, and axes instead of pincers, which seem more fitting due to being based on sharp tools like Scyther's.

Although Kleavor doesn't help the player break rocks to gather materials, it's notable for being the first boss in the game, introducing players to the concept of noble Pokemon and their frenzied state, as well as boss fight mechanics.

4 Typhlosion

The fully evolved Fire-type starter Pokemon of the Johto region had been waiting for a new form ever since Mega Evolution was introduced in the sixth generation. However, the Volcano Pokemon didn't get one until Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The relaxed Ghost Flame Pokemon may look less intimidating than a Mega or Gigantamax form would, but its new ghost typing and ethereal purple flames at least add something new — even if it isn't a new type combination.

This form of Typhlosion can also purify lost souls and guide them to the afterlife, which is more interesting than Johtonian Typhlosion's commonly noted characteristics of being angry and on fire.

3 Zorua

Hisuian Zorua is a Pokemon with perhaps one of the saddest origins in the entire franchise, having perished in Hisui due to the harsh environment after being exiled from other regions for their illusion casting abilities. They do get to come back to life, but they resent humanity for how it treated them and will scare any lone individual that crosses its path. Furthermore, they will feed off that fear.

This creature is also the first Pokemon to have a Normal and Ghost dual typing, meaning its only type weakness is Dark — ironically, the same exact type that Unovan Zorua is.

2 Zoroark

While Hisuian Zorua will only scare any lone individual who crosses its path, its evolution Zoroark takes things further. Zoroark can use its illusions to physically harm individuals due to how they're fueled by pure spite, and they are even capable of driving individuals insane from the sheer amount of terror they can create. But just because it can use these abilities doesn't mean that it will, as it's still capable of compassion and trust despite its previous experiences.

With the same typing as Hisuian Zorua and more powerful attacks at its disposal, Hisuian Zoroark is a useful ally to have in any team.

1 Braviary

There may have been a handful of Psychic Flying Pokemon since the introduction of Natu, Xatu, and Lugia in the second generation, but Hisuian Braviary wears it best. Now sporting purple and blue flames on its head instead of white and brown feathers, Hisuian Braviary can produce powerful shockwaves by screeching — a useful ability used to make its aquatic prey float to the surface.

Hisuian Braviary also has a signature attack called Esper Wing, which causes damage in addition to increasing action speed and the chance of getting a critical hit. This form of Braviary makes an already great Pokemon even better.

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