The 10 Strongest Pokemon In Generation VI (Based On Stats)

The smallest generation of Pokemon so far is Generation VI, finding its home in the French-inspired Kalos region. The two games released for it, X & Y, are fantastic entries into the series that introduced this small batch of new Pokemon. But, just because there aren’t that many Gen VI Pokemon doesn’t mean they aren’t as competitively viable as any other generation.

If you’re looking to build a good team in the Gen VI games for competitive play or to take down the gym leaders and Elite Four of the Kalos League, look no further than some Pokemon who have very impressive base stat totals. Sure, typing, movepools, abilities, and more matter too, but these Pokemon have the best stats of any in this generation.

Note: This list looks at Generation VI Pokemon that are newly-introduced, and not Mega Evolutions for past-generation Pokemon, which would dominate this list entirely.

10 Chesnaught and Greninja

As always, the resident starter Pokemon’s final evolutions have great base stat totals. Coming in at a tie is Chesnaught, the Grass option, and Greninja, the Water choice. These two have a base stat total of 530 each.

Greninja has more of a focus on being a fast special attacker —  its second-highest stat is special attack at 103 and its highest is speed, hitting a beautiful 122. Chesnaught is more physical, with 107 in attack and 122 in defense.

9 Gogoat

A bit of a surprising face to see on this list next to Starter Pokemon and Legendaries, Gogoat has a surprising base stat total of 531.

A good chunk of that total goes toward its 123 points in HP, while its attack stats are also respectable. Gogoat has 100 in attack and 97 in special attack. Considering its a Pokemon often used for transporting passengers around, it has a surprisingly low speed stat of only 68.

8 Delphox

Delphox, the final evolution of the Fire-type starter Fennekin, sits just slightly ahead of the other two starter options with a base stat total of 534. This Fire/Psychic-type is built to be a quick special-focused fighter.

It has 114 in special attack, 100 in special defense, and 104 in speed. Those stats will work great with its Fire and Psychic-type special moves. You should definitely avoid using it as a physical attacker — its attack stat of 69 is the lowest of all fully-evolved Starters.

7 Noivern

A very popular Pokemon, Noivern has a great base stat total of 535, putting it just a single point ahead of Delphox. It’s definitely focused on being a quick hitter, since its speed stat of 123 sits very far ahead of the rest of its stats.

The second-highest is its special attack at 97, with the rest of its stats sitting between 70 and 85. Anyone who has spent time in the Wild Area of Sword & Shield knows how fast Noivern can be though, as it chases you down on the overworld at terrifying speeds.

6 Florges

Florges, the pure Fairy-type introduced this generation, is widely-known as a fantastic special attacker, and its stats are a big part of that. Florges has an amazing base stat total of 552, and it allocated most of that into the special stats.

While Florges has pitiable stats in most things (attack is 65, speed is 75), it has 112 in special attack and a whopping 154 in special defense. This is the highest base special defense stat of any Fairy-type Pokemon to this day.

5 Mythicals

There are only a few Mythical Pokemon in Generation VI, but, as always, they have great stats. Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa in its Confined form all have a base stat total of 600, which is the norm for Mythical Pokemon.

Diancie is a defensive Pokemon, with 150 in both physical and special defense and only 50 in speed and HP. Volcanion has 130 in special attack, 110 in attack, and 120 in defense. Not to miss out on the special stat party, though, is Hoopa Confined, with 150 in special attack and 130 in special defense, although it also has 110 in physical attack.

This post is not looking at Mega Evolutions, but Mega Diancie (the only Gen VI Pokemon that can Mega Evolve) has an interesting stat distribution. It swaps its defensive capabilities for attack, with special and physical attack hitting 160 each. It also bumps its speed up to 110. Altogether, Mega Diancie has a base stat total of 700.

4 Goodra

Like every other pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, the resident pseudo of Kalos, Goodra, has a base stat total of 600. While each pseudo has a different stat focus, most of them focus on heavy attack stats. Goodra, though, is more defensive, and has the lowest attack stat of all pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

It does, however, have the highest special defense among this special group, at 150. And, its attack stat shouldn’t be ignored, because even though it’s the lowest among its peers, it’s still a respectable 100. Its special attack is also nice, at 110.

3 Hoopa Unbound

Putting the stats of its Confined Form behind it is Hoopa Unbound, which has a fantastic 680 base stat total. Its distribution remains similar to its other form, but it bumps a few of the better stats up.

The HP, defense, and special defense of Hoopa Unbound are the same as Hoopa Confined, but it adds 20 points in special attack, 50 in physical attack, and 10 in speed. That special attack stat of 170 is no joke.

2 Xerneas and Yveltal

Most game mascot Legendaries have a base stat total of 680, and Xerneas and Yveltal are not about to change that. The mascots for X & Y, Xerneas and Yveltal actually have the exact same stat distribution.

It looks like this for both of them: 126 in HP, 131 in attack, 95 in defense, 131 in special attack, 98 in special defense, and 99 in speed. This is very different from most game mascot duos, which typically have different distributions entirely. These two are unique in this sense.

1 Zygarde

The third member of the trio with Xerneas and Yveltal is Zygarde, who never appeared as a game mascot. However, it whizzes past the other two in terms of base stat total. However, its only form in the Gen VI games, 50% Form, does not. It wouldn’t have a higher base stat total until Zygarde Complete’s debut in the Gen VII games — although it did appear in the XY arc of the anime, so it still technically debuted in Gen VI.

Regardless of where Zygarde technically fits, its forms each have different base stat totals. 10% Zygarde has a forgettable 486, but its 50% Form has a nice 600, with 100 in attack and 121 in defense. Complete Zygarde, though, is a beast. This giant monster has a fantastic base stat total of 708, with 216 in its base HP stat — one of the highest of any Pokemon. The rest of its stats are the same as its 50% Form, though.

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