The Best Ways To Kill A Jedi In Star Wars Battlefront 2

It would be tough to argue that the Jedi in 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II are as laser-proof as their 2005-era predecessors, but there’s no denying that coming face-to-face with them in the game is truly frightening. Between their Force powers, lightsabers and health regeneration from kills, they can be a real pain to take down.

In this context, “Jedi” refers to all lightsaber-wielders, light side and dark (and perhaps the Emperor too). While it is indeed often far easier to kill a Jedi as a fellow powerful Jedi, most hints will be referring to the poor old regular troopers, who so often become the Boba Fett to the Jedi’s Sarlacc pit.

Blow Them Up

There’s no deflecting an explosion with a lightsaber, it’s about as simple as that. Whether in the books, the shows, or the games, Jedi-killers all know to carry some specialized explosives and to use them pretty much ASAP.

For the Assault class, that’ll be the Thermal Detonator. For the Heavy, the Impact Grenade. Or go ahead and fire right at them with the Barrage ability’s grenade launcher or the Explosive Sentry Star Card (just one of many powerful options). The Specialist and the Officer can really help out by too, by immobilizing/incapacitating the Jedi with their grenades.

Exploit Cover

Now, this might seem a little low, but since lightsabers don’t slice right through portable shields and trees as they should, players can go ahead and hide behind them. The prospective Jedi-killer will still be vulnerable to Force powers, but as long as there’s some annoying bit of the set between them and their victim, they’ll stay alive in this once-controversial title.

This seems a bit obvious, but a long piece of cover like a row of boxes is preferable to a thin bit of protection. It’s also critical that players can blast the Jedi with their blaster while they swipe hopelessly at said piece of cover.

Spawn As An Aerial

There are a range of reasons why the jet troopers are a heck of a headache for a Jedi. Try to hit them with a lightsaber? They’ll take flight. Try to block them as they’re raining down fire? The Jedi is then exposed to incoming shots from the ground. Worst of all, Aerials pack a Rocket Launcher that is just as unblockable as all other explosives.

As an Aerial, make sure to stay mobile. Whether through rolling, blasting upwards or flying sideways, players should do whatever they can to keep from getting hurt (as Star Wars fans were by the game’s troubled launch).

Spawn As A Vehicle

While this is a far cry from a trooper (or eminently breakable battle droid), it’s certainly a viable option that bears consideration. As mentioned previously, Jedi are vulnerable to explosives. A lot of vehicles have explosives. They’re also tough and fast. A Jedi will often fall to other enemies while straining to cut through the health bar of a mighty tank.

It’s strongly recommended to try out the AT-ST. Not only is it a classic, but its weapons are devastating at long range and its feet are a pain for Jedi to target.

Be Fast on Your Feet

This can make a world of difference. A Jedi can only swing their lightsaber at what’s in front of them and most Force Powers have the same limitation. Foes can duck, dip, dive and dodge to survive them.

The combat roll is an incredible asset against Jedi. It’s all about timing, which can be hard to nail down, but those who work on their talents long enough will find themselves very difficult enemies for these mystical warriors to deal with. Another critical tip: don’t dodge backward. Circle the enemy whenever the chance presents itself.

Don’t Forget About Teamwork

Teamwork was the backbone of a devastating directive called Order 66. Were the masterful Jedi easily slain? Of course not. The clones used teamwork. Jedi are weak to being surrounded, so they’re vulnerable when facing too many enemies at once, especially in open areas with clear lines of fire.

Against Jedi, players need to concentrate their fire. Even if they aren’t shooting the Jedi’s unprotected back, troopers can wear down the Jedi’s stamina if they lay down enough blaster fire. Without stamina, the Jedi can’t attack or block effectively. Bear in mind that some heroes have better blocking abilities than others. Yoda, in particular, can absorb anything thrown at him. Grievous and Dooku can’t pull off the same feat.

Keep A Safe Distance

Lightsabers aren’t all that long. There it is. The key to defeating Jedi. While troopers at decent range still need to be mindful of Vader’s Sabre Toss and the various Jedi dashing attacks, they’re spared from most Force Abilities and from being cleaved in two. The best place to defeat a Jedi is somewhere open, with long sightlines and with plenty of friends to lay down fire with one of the game’s many powerful weapons.

With characters like Maul, in particular, it is crucial to remain out of melee range. He will absolutely carve through anything. But Maul is very, very fast, so while troopers definitely want to remain at a distance from him, it will prove exceedingly difficult.

Sacrifice Yourself For The Greater Good

This is a tricky proposition, considering the fact that Heroes receive a health boost from their kills, but it’s worth bearing in mind. If a player does enough damage or provides enough distraction as they’re defeated, that could be the key to victory. Consider that someone is probably going to die before they do. By getting close enough to give them an easy kill, a player could also expose the Hero’s back to another Hero or a few Heavies about to unload.

A few Star Cards help troopers make the most of getting dangerously close to Jedi. For the Assault class, the Vanguard is a clear pick, providing a shotgun with decent damage which Jedi are hard-pressed to deflect. The Heavy, whether close or not, should open up with the Sentry chaingun. Be cautious, though: it can be deflected back to horrifying effect.

Heroes Counter Heroes

Spending Battle Points on a Hero just to throw them at another Hero is a risky proposition, but it can pay off in a big way. Just make sure to think things through first.

The best Heroes for countering Jedi? For good shooters, definitely Bossk. Boba Fett gives all the advantages of an Aerial. Chewbacca, Lando, Captain Phasma, and Han Solo are all strong. Grievous and Vader perhaps even more so. Finally, Count Dooku is a duellist specifically skilled at dispatching Jedi.

Run Away

A very effective if not particularly honorable option is running away. Doing so can only really have positive outcomes. It can allow you to refocus on enemies of your own caliber, building up Battle Points until you have a Hero or your own. It can also be the beginning of the end for your Jedi pursuer (of which there is an interesting range, thanks to enterprising modders).

Indeed, it’s hard to outrun a Jedi, but if you can lead them into the heart of your own forces, into a lethal crossfire, everything changes. While the Jedi are incredibly powerful enemies, they’re in serious trouble when outnumbered.

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