The Biggest Gaming News For July 24, 2022

Here we are hot on the heels of the San Diego Comic-Con with all of its big announcements, but there have been some other big things happening in the world of gaming, too. Today, he heard about how Breath of the Wild just got splitscreen multiplayer, Apex Legends will soon be getting another character, and the Link costume for Bayonetta wasn’t revealing enough for Nintendo. There’s more where this came from, so read on for the rest.

Gran Turismo 7's Partnership With The FIA Hasn't Ended Exactly

FIA previously announced that it would be dropping Gran Turismo 7 in favor of Assetto Corsa Competizione when it comes to official partnerships, but the regulator now seems to be backtracking on the decision. According to Director of Formula E and the Innovative Sport Activities Department Federic Bertrand, “we agreed with them that we will work with Assetto Corsa for this one. It's also easier for us because it's more open to many countries. But we still work with Gran Turismo on plenty of other projects. So no, it's not an end. It's just an acceptance of a non-exclusive approach and we feel that esports needs to be more open.”

Rockstar Used This Wild Camera Trick For GTA 5's Highway Chase

Remember that mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 where Michael tears down the highway chasing after a truck with his stolen yacht? Well, it turns out the developer behind the game, Rockstar, pulled this one off with a special camera trick. The news comes from a fan of the franchise called LucasIsPersonal who took a deep dive into the code, discovering that a floating truck was above us the entire time and we just couldn’t see it on screen. Pretty impressive sleuthing if you ask me.

Apex Legends Teases Next Character

Respawn has been teasing the next character in Apex Legends. This appears to either be a bounty hunter or a sole survivor, but in so far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on this one. We’ll know for sure when Season 14 comes out. “Distress transmission incoming,” the trailer opens before a voice identified as IJV5301 attempts to ransom a distress beacon. The other voice on the line warns IJV5301 to "relay the signal or face penalties." IJV5301 eventually gives up on the ransom attempt, relaying the coordinates. "GDS Vantage distress beacon triggered at embedded coordinates," another voice notes. "Sole survivor: prisoner T-0323.” How mysterious.

Nintendo Actually Asked For Bayonetta's Link Costume To Be More Revealing

Nintendo seems to have wanted Bayonetta’s Link costume to be as revealing as possible, contrary to all expectations. According to Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya, “I see a lot of people bring up Nintendo when discussing the nudity in Bayonetta, but during our time with the Bayonetta 1 port, Bayonetta 2, and Bayonetta 3, the only suggestion we received was regarding the Link costume in Bayonetta 1 and 2 and how it should have been a little bit more revealing." Kamiya added that "no bias influenced that aspect of the game and I think players can enjoy the game without worrying what may have been. After working with them for such a long time, I get the impression that although there are times where we may butt heads, they’re surprisingly open to direct discussions around development and sales.”

Breath Of The Wild Mod Adds Splitscreen Multiplayer

Fans of the franchise have been waiting for some sort of multiplayer mod since the game was released, but now you can finally team up with a friend in Breath of the Wild. I sure hope you like splitscreen because that’s your only option, though. In any case, the mod is a pretty impressive feat of software engineering. According to the official description by its creator Kirbymimi, “it’s been a dream for years to enter the vast world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and explore it with a friend. Imagine being able to sneak into a Bokoblin camp, one player jumps out to distract them while the other players lays a trap from behind. Imagine being able to have shield races down the icy cliffs for the best time. Imagine working together with your best friend to obtain what it takes to take down Ganon. This mod makes all that and more a reality!”

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