The Biggest Gaming News For November 29, 2022

It's been yet another busy day in the gaming industry, full of trailer, reports, and interviews. It was also the day we got our second trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, in which we got our first proper look at characters such as Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

Elsewhere, there are reports that Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has reportedly been underpaying staff, while Pokemon fans have been giving a taste of what Scarlet & Violet could've looked like had Game Freak included voice acting. For all the details, just read on.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Gives Us First Look At Peach, Luigi, And Donkey Kong

We'll get Mario out of the way first, as the second trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie dropped earlier today. We got to see a new design for Donkey Kong as well as our first look at Princess Peach, who appears to have cast aside her reputation as a damsel in distress and is ready to take the fight to Bowser. The trailer was jam-packed with other little references too, and closed out with a whole section dedicated to Mario Kart and Rainbow Road.

Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware Is Reportedly Paying Below Average Salaries To Its Staff

Elden Ring has been enjoying massive success since launching earlier this year, although this success may have come at the cost of its developers' health. A new report has claimed that employees at FromSoftware were made to work through crunch-like conditions and are allegedly getting below average salaries for their efforts. According to a separate report, the average salary at FromSoftware is ¥3.41 million ($25,000), which is well below the average of fellow developer Atlus which sits at ¥5.2 million ($38,000).

Pokemon Fan Makes Scarlet & Violet Cutscenes Less Awkward With Voice Acting

There are plenty of things to hate about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at the moment, though one of the biggest criticisms the game has come up against is the lack of voice acting. There are plenty of awkward cutscenes where the characters remain uncomfortably silent, so one Pokemon fan took it upon themselves to finally make them speak up. A video from Joe Goffeney went viral today, as he asked his voice actor pals to voice some of Scarlet & Violet's characters in certain cutscenes, and the results are pretty great. Take note Game Freak!

Pokemon Competitors Have Banned Two More Gen 9 'Mons, Including Palafin

You're getting a double helping of Pokemon today, as two more new 'mons have been banned alongside Houndstone and Flutter Mane. The victims in question are Palafin and Iron Bundle, both of which have been removed from OU and dropped into Ubers where the rest of the broken Pokemon live. Iron Bundle was banned because of it's speed and power, while Palafin's ability Zero to Hero – which gives it higher base stats than some legendaries – is what caused its removal.

Troy Baker Wants To Direct Or Star In Daredevil Game

Finally, in an interview at Milan Games Week, legendary voice actor Troy Baker expressed his desire to either direct or star in a Daredevil game should one be made. Baker reveals that The Man Without Fear is one of his superhero idols and that he recently got the chance to speak to Charlie Cox about his portrayal. Baker says his desire to play Daredevil stems from him wanting a "big challenge" as an actor, speaking about the difficulty of playing someone who is "not sighted."

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