The Brave New World Mod Revoices Fallout: New Vegas

After four years of work, the Brave New World mod for FNV is complete and available to download from Nexus Mods. The Brave New World mod project is a voice acting overhaul of 145 NPCs, which revoices 7,000 lines of vanilla FNV dialogue.

The Brave New World mod team hosted 30,000 voice actor auditions to select a list of quality actors to bring in a larger variety of personalities to 145 NPCs. The mod’s goal was to “mitigate ‘cloning’, and to improve upon acting, pacing, and casting.” The NPCs who had their lines revoiced were very often recorded by a single voice actor playing the part of multiple NPCs in the original FNV. Hearing the same actor’s voice from so many NPCs was one of the very few negative points in FNV, and now the Brave New World mod has fixed that.

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The Nexus Mods page for Brave New World has sections for installation instructions, FAQs, known issues, mod team credits, recommended mods, and known compatibility and conflict issues. There is also a link to a webpage listing all of the voice actors who worked on the mod, along with a six-and-a-half-minute YouTube video showcasing the NPCs who received new VO voices, and often also got a complete digital facelift and overall graphical improvement.

Of note is that the mod will require a brand new FNV playthrough. Just be sure to follow the specific installation instructions given to get the mod installed and running properly. The mod team strongly advises against installing the mod manually, and suggest you use either Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, as “the Nexus Mod Manager and Fallout Mod Manager are not supported.”

You can refer to the handy and extensive FAQ and Known Issues lists if you happen to encounter any problems installing the mod. And if you already have a few mods installed in your FNV copy, definitely check for those in both the Compatibility and Conflicts lists.

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