The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me: Ferry – Scene Walkthrough

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So far in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, you’ve been introduced to your five player characters – the crew members of Lonnit Entertainment – and you’ve watched them receive a very interesting phone call. Charlie, their director and boss, has agreed on their behalf to bring them to a recreation of H. H. Holmes’ infamous Murder Castle.

They’ve finished the journey to the rendezvous point with the man who called Charlie about the opportunity, and they’re just about to meet their host for the excursion.

This guide is for the Theatrical Cut of The Devil in Me – the version you experience on your initial playthrough.

While you do unlock both the Curator's Cut and multiple endings that vary quite a bit during The Devil in Me, like in most Dark Pictures games, it's possible we may have missed some of the smaller details!

We did, however, play the game several times in the name of giving you as complete coverage as possible, so we'll update our guides if we find new info.

Collectibles And Bearings In This Scene

Secrets To Find:

  • None

Pictures To Find:

  • None

Bearings Affected:

  • None

This scene is entirely cinematic, meaning there are no story-changing choices for you to make. We still wanted to include it in our directory, so that our coverage of The Devil in Me is complete.

The Scene

As the ferry parks to pick you up, Charlie confirms that he has no information about the man hosting the group, which nudges the crew to ask Charlie some questions and point out that this whole thing seems a little odd.

A man steps off the ferry and introduces himself as Granthem Du’Met, and Charlie introduces everyone. Kate thanks him for this opportunity before getting on the ferry, and Charlie thanks him again as the group is climbing aboard.

However, Du’Met is not interested in wasting time. He urges you to make yourselves comfortable as he seals the ferry door for your departure. The gang assembles along the side of the boat for a shot of them looking over the water, before we pan to Du’Met as the silhouette of the Murder Castle comes into view.

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