The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – How To Get The Best Ending

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When it comes to a choices-matter game like The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, you know from the title screen that the decisions you make can and very possibly will get your player characters killed. Games in The Dark Pictures Anthology are renowned for the number of life-and-death situations in which your characters will inevitably find themselves.

If you’re trying to experience the story and keep everyone alive, you’ll need to make some careful decisions throughout the game, as even the smallest choice can mean the difference between life and death for the folks at Lonnit Entertainment.

Helpful Survival Tips

With The Dark Pictures Anthology being widely praised for its accessibility settings, there are a few tweaks you can make to The Devil in Me before you play that’ll make it markedly easier to keep everyone alive throughout. Any way you can make the gameplay a bit easier will simplify your efforts to keep the crew of Lonnit Entertainment alive.

Below, we’ve found some settings that can drastically increase your chances of survival.

Settings To Help You Survive

Accessibility ModifierEffect
Difficulty SettingsChange how forgiving the game is with you as you play.
Single Action ButtonThere's one overarching button to press as an "action" button during QTEs.
Hold To Complete Button TaskInstead of mashing a button repeatedly during an action, you're able to hold it down instead.
Disable QTE TimeoutQTEs no longer have a timer, and they can only be failed by selecting the wrong button.
Disable QTE Combat TimerExpands the setting above to combat, giving you unlimited time to fight back.


During the Blackout scene, Erin is trapped in a rather dusty locked room, having an asthma attack as she waits to be rescued by her crewmates. As they’re trying to free her, Du’Met appears in the shadows and offers Erin her inhaler.

In order to save Erin here, have her take the inhaler. Attacking Du’Met here leads to him fighting back and easily killing Erin in the process.

Silver Ash

Next up is a second chance for Erin to die, which takes place in the scene titled Silver Ash. In it, she’s navigating what looks like a medical area featuring two animatronics in the center of the room.

Before long, Jamie’s voice will begin coming from one of the animatronics, urging Erin that Du’Met is on his way to her and that she needs to hide. Erin isn’t sure whether or not this is actually Jamie, since she doesn’t know how Jamie can be seeing her right then, but she has a choice to make: either running or hiding.

When given the option, have Erin hide. She cannot escape Du’Met right now, and if you have her run from him, he’ll catch her every time.


The third death you’ve got to prevent to ensure everyone survives the night is Charlie’s death, which can happen for the first time in the scene titled Ignition.

Charlie has just fallen through a trap door and down into a basement level of the hotel, where he sees a furnace room that promises a pack of cigarettes, for which he’s been searching all night. Excited, Charlie goes to take the cigarettes, but the entire room is almost immediately engulfed in flames after he does.

In order to survive, have Charlie choose the grate. It’s hot and difficult to move, but it’s a much safer option than the door. If you try the door, Charlie’s arm will get stuck, as was mentioned in the Burnt picture he found in the Cigarettes scene earlier. Having him hide is the only way to save him here.


If you’ve played through The Devil in Me already, you’re definitely no stranger to the suffocation chamber trap in which Kate and Erin find themselves in the Breathless scene.

You play this section as Jamie, who’s forced with a choice when Kate and Erin both find themselves stuck in the suffocation chambers. The trap springs to life and begins to deplete the air from both of their rooms, but looking at the gauges that Jamie can see, you notice that Kate’s suffocation pod is acting differently than Erin’s.

When given the choice of who to kill, have Jamie choose to kill Kate. Once Erin is freed, Kate breathlessly informs her crewmembers that there’s a small leak in the window preventing the pod from losing its air as quickly as Erin’s. Mark breaks the window and Kate survives the trap as well.

However, Erin’s pod is not defective, so choosing to kill Erin here will do so.

Director’s Suite And Reflection

While it does seem odd to combine two scenes for our guide, the decision you have to make in order to save both Jamie and Kate during the Reflection scene is initially decided upon in the Director’s Suite scene.

The women of the group have just found the control room for the hotel’s traps and have devised a plan to lure Du’Met into one of the sealable hallways so they can trap him. Jamie agrees to be the bait, and you have the option to either let her keep the screwdriver she’s got, or leave the tool with Kate.

It doesn’t really matter which of the women actually has the screwdriver, but keep in mind whether Kate or Jamie has the screwdriver.

The rest of the scene proceeds as scheduled, and what takes place eventually forces Jamie and Kate into a new trap: the glass panel trap, which sees a room-sized glass pane move toward one of the women, and it will absolutely crush them to death if they can’t stop it.

Jamie has the option to reverse the direction of the wall, but Kate doesn’t, leaving their fate in Jamie’s hands. Because of this, as Jamie, direct the wall toward whichever of the two women has the screwdriver.

If the one about to be crushed has the screwdriver, she’s able to angle it toward the glass and break it as it gets near enough to kill her. However, if you send the wall towards which of the two women did not have the screwdriver, she has nothing to break the wall and will be crushed to death in this scene.


Once again, you’re experiencing the Chase scene as Jamie and Kate. Erin will also be present if she’s still alive, which is the goal of this playthrough! When the women are running from Du’Met, each has an opportunity to meet an untimely end here, so you’ll need to play this scene carefully.

  • When you’re controlling Kate and Du’Met grabs Jamie, choose to save her. Instructing Kate to flee here will get Jamie killed immediately.
  • When you enter the barn as you run away, choose to run. Du’Met has an axe, so your wooden barricade won’t do much to slow him down.
  • If you have chosen to barricade yourself, Erin will lag behind. If this happens and you’re given the choice, instruct her to run. Climbing here will get Erin killed.


When you were playing as Erin back in the Silver Ash scene, she had the option to find an interesting piece of “evidence” in there: a voice recording between Charlie and Du’Met, in which Charlie – in choppy wording – tells Du’Met he’s bringing the film crew there this weekend and Du’Met can kill all his employees.

This inevitably comes up again later, during the Lighthouse scene. She accuses Charlie of the whole project being a setup, and your decision in how to react is the difference between life and death for him here. In order to keep Charlie alive during this scene, choose reassuring when given the option.

If you choose to be afraid of him, the group ties Charlie up outside and leaves him to be murdered by Du’Met at some point before the end of the story.


Before your crew even thinks about getting into the boat, make sure you have Mark’s stick. If you don’t have it on you, you need to grab the spray offered by the cop. When the boat explodes behind the cop, instruct Erin to react in an authoritative tone by yelling to grab the gun. Don’t relax too much as Erin, though, as Du’Met is still coming for her with the axe he had earlier. He appears behind her, and you need to pass the QTEs at this part to safely get away. Fail, and Erin dies.

Now it’s Charlie’s turn to pass a QTE, which will also result in his death if you fail. However, when Jamie is attacked after this, you have some choices to make as her. Choosing to jump off the boat will save her immediately, but if she has the screwdriver, she can safely choose to fight. However, for sake of simplicity, it’s easiest if she simply jumps into the water.

Mark is up next in the series of attacks, so when you control him, complete a QTE to grab the axe and slash at Du’Met. There’s another QTE to pass after this, during which the boat hits a rock and embeds the axe into the side of the vessel. Du’Met grabs Mark and tries to slam him onto the axe.

You take control of Kate, so choose to attack Du’Met to save Mark’s life. Follow the QTEs to fight Du’Met, who will knock Kate over during the fight. You switch back into Mark’s perspective again, where you’ll need to complete another QTE before choosing to use either the stick or the spray on him.

Once he’s disoriented, complete the QTE to hook Du’Met, and land a final QTE to successfully make it off the boat before it crashes with Du’Met on board. When you get back to the shore, all five of your player characters (and Connie, if you saved him) will be present.

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