The Day Before Finally Releases Gameplay

The twisting tale that is The Day Before's road to launch is one of the strangest stories in gaming right now. Last month, weeks ahead of its supposed release date, developer Fntastic announced the game's arrival had been pushed due to a trademark dispute. Despite the eight-month delay, Fntastic has gone ahead and shown off the gameplay footage it promised to release at the end of January.

A little later than promised, but hey, that'll happen when everyone at your studio is busy figuring out how exactly a stranger trademarked the name of your game without anyone noticing until six months after it happened. As even members of The Day Before's own Discord began to doubt whether the game is the real deal, the ten-minute video you can watch below (thanks, Eurogamer) is likely an attempt by Fntastic to convince them and the rest of the world it really is working on a game.

The right move considering all that has come before, but the problem is, the gameplay probably hasn't done much to hype up people who remain excited for The Day Before. Most of the ten minutes are made up of a character traversing a mostly empty post-apocalyptic city. Stopping every now and again to kill a zombie, usually way off in the distance, and a quick look at some crafting menus.

It's certainly not the action-packed video Fntastic previously showcased which is what made The Day Before one of the most wishlisted games on Steam last year. You'd have hoped after delaying the game the first time in 2022, again right before it was supposed to launch, to switch to Unreal Engine 5, that any new footage would look even better. That doesn't appear to be the case.

Some people are starting to believe this is all one big scam. Fntastic continues to try and assure people that's not the case, claiming it hasn't taken a penny from anyone and that the game has been funded by Mytona, a massive mobile publisher. If that's true, then talk of the team working on it being made up of volunteers is even shadier if true.

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