The DioField Chronicle: Chapter 4 – Close-Kept Secrets Walkthrough

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  • Fond Frontier
  • Survey For Jade
  • Quell The Riots Again
  • Rescuing Catharine
  • Go to the South!
  • Kill The Traitor

The DioField Chronicle uses its fourth chapter to really throw a ton of unique scenarios your way. You can tell the encounter designers were having a little more fun with how they structured these missions. You will have to weave in and out of battlefields littered with cannon towers, sneak your way through an area while only having access to two units, and confront an array of super buffed-up baddies.

There is a good mixture of unique missions here, which makes for a nice change of pace. However, the final few encounters stand out as easily being the hardest the game has yet to throw at you. The gloves have well and truly come off! As always, we will guide you through each and every last one.

Fond Frontier

As is typically the case, you will have a ton to do once you start this chapter. For starters, you have multiple investment opportunities. For 10,000 Gold a piece, you can upgrade your Weapon Research Development, your Jade Research Development, and your shop. After you have finished sprucing up your facilities, talk to Izelair. Speaking to her will unlock the "Arrest the Fishermen" Side Mission. Also, if you talk to Lorraine, your Skill Tree will rank up. When you are done mopping up all the side activities, speak to Waltaquin to start this chapter's first primary mission.

Survey For Jade

Recommended Level24
EnemiesPhase 13x Lv 22 Wolves, 1x Lv 26 Wyvern
Phase 23x Lv 20 Wolves, 1x Lv 24 Ogre
Phase 34x Lv 20 Wolves, 1x Lv 25 Ogre, 1x Lv 27 Salamander
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission7680 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)

This battle is unique in that it will prohibit you from using either Fredret or Iscarion. However, since you already have Castevere and Rickenback, this isn't a particularly hard loss to deal with. Start by having your entire force charge at the Wyvern. The Wolves will follow after you. Hit them with AOE attacks, and polish off the wounded with Andrias' unique skillset. While you are fighting the Wyvern, have Castevere circle around the stage collecting the shards and opening the chest.

In the second phase, you will be attacked by an Ogre and three Wolves. This isn't anything you haven't dealt with before; fight the Ogre and let the Wolves come to you, then blast them with AOE spells.

During the last phase, yet another group with an Ogre and Wolves will appear to your left, and a Salamander with a Wolf will appear on your right. The group with the Ogre will start be running after you, while the group with the Salamander is content to just sit pat. Just throw yourself at the Salamander so that you can have one giant mass of enemies.

You are going to have an absurd amount of energy for summoning at this point in the battle, so why not group everyone together and just unload with summons? You should be able to absolutely obliterate them all. If anything is left alive after you have unloaded your summons on them, they will be on their last legs.

Tradition And Revolution

Once you return to the base you will be controlling Iscarion. Unfortunately, you don't have much to do as him. No interactions open up or anything. However, if you like, you can explore the headquarters and see what your party members have to say to the dashing archer. Once you are ready to get back to the task at hand, just start the main mission in the war room.

Quell The Riots Again

Recommended Level25
EnemiesPhase 14x Lv 23 Soldiers, 1x Lv 23 Archer
Phase 23x Lv 23 Archers, 1x Lv 24 Soldier, 2x Lv 25 Cavalry
Phase 33x Lv 23 Archers, 2x Lv 24 Soldiers, 2x Lv 25 Cavalry
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission8160 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

Due to them being off on their own mission, you will not have access to Andrias or Waltaquin. While you have a suitable replacement for Waltaquin in Estalt, there is no replacement for Andrias; you are simply going to have to deal with losing your best DPS unit. Thankfully, you are doing a lot of group fighting here, so AOE attacks are more important anyway.

This map is lined with Cannon Towers. So, your best bet is to have one of your Cavalry units run in, grab the attention of enemy units, and then run away. Just position your troops nearby, and they will come directly to you. If you are using this strategy, you may want to group the Cavalry unit you have chosen for this job with a healer (as they are absolutely going to take damage).

At the center of the map there is a giant clearing with two Cannon Towers. During the first two phases, this area will be empty, but during the final phase the entire army will be positioned here. While you can pull troops away from the Cannon Towers in the last phase as well, you would be better served to just destroy them during the second phase and not have to worry about them later on. It is easy to do now anyway, so why not?

Otherwise, the strategy you are going to use for each phase is going to be the same. Position your whole squad near to where all the enemies are (but out of range of the Cannon Towers), run a Cavalry unit past the enemy troops, lead them back to your squad, and then bombard them with AOE attacks. If you cleared those Cannon Towers out, the final section will be a breeze, just run your troops into the square, grab the attention of the stragglers with that brave Cavalry unit, and then blast them with your summons.

An Ideal Yet Out Of Reach

Immediately after returning to your base, Tremina will join your cause. Now, time for a little upkeep; Talk to Rickenback and to Tremina. You will be rewarded with some further character development and 5,000 gold for each interaction. After you do that, talk to Waltaquin: This will unlock the Side Mission "Feeding The Necromancer". Finally, once you are ready, head to the war room and begin the next story mission.

New Recruit: Tremina

We just got a firearm user a few missions ago, yet with Tremina we are now receiving our second. If you have spent any time with Umarida, you probably already know how excellent firearm-based skills are for taking out large groups of enemies, and if there is one thing that you can always use in The DioField Chronicle, it is attacks that are good at eliminating groups of enemies. Tremina, like Umarida before her, is a fantastic choice for a support character.

Rescuing Catharine

Recommended Level26
EnemiesPhase 15x Lv 22 Soldiers, 2x Lv 22 Mages
Phase 23x Lv 22 Soldiers, 1x Lv 25 Soldier, 4x Lv 22 Mages
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission8640 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

The first half of this mission will all be two-on-one encounters. While we were actually under-leveled, our Andrias was still one-shotting every Mage with his Shadow Step attack. And the Soldiers? Well, he was removing more than half of their HP. So, this first section was extraordinarily simple. Confront the enemy unit with Catharine, then have Andrias use his Shadow Step attack on them. During the second phase of the battle, Fredret and Iscarion will join you (with Estalt in a support role). You will have two groups to fighting in this next area.

If you don't have the Shadow Step attack, the Assassination skill will do.

Run your forces up against the first group's Soldier while using Andrias' Shadow Step attack to take out the Mages—we had just enough EP left to finish the mages in the first group. Then send Fredret over to the treasure chest in the top-left corner, and have everyone converge on the final group.

Have Catharine use her Shield Wall skill, and then bombard your enemies with whatever AOE attacks you have access to (probably Meteor Fall and Arrow Raid). Once you have cleared up all the scrubs, you will just need to polish off the one higher-level soldier, but he won't last long when it is four versus one. Unsurprisingly, Catharine will now join The Blue Foxes.

New Recruit: Catharine

Catharine is your second pure tank. What Catharine adds to your team is incredible survivability. You can either run two tanks in a team now, or when you run out of EP using Izelair, you will now have the ability to swap in Catharine, a fresh tank ready to take all the heat off of your party. Of course, the more tanky your party, the more your DPS will suffer, but having a second tank really can see you through missions which you would have otherwise lost (typically due to be under leveled). Though you will likely be sacrificing those gold bars in the process.

Truth And Lies Laid Bare

Once you get back to your base, talk to Catharine, Estalt, and Iscarion. You will gain a whopping 5,000 gold from each interaction! A new character named Zoruaq will be waiting for you in your war room as well. Talk to him and you will be given the Side Mission "Winged Mercenary". When you are ready to proceed with the primary story, talk to Lorraine.

Go to the South!

Recommended Level27
EnemiesPhase 12x Lv 25 Soldiers, 3x Lv 25 Gunmen, x1 Lv 29 Wyvern Rider
Phase 24x Lv 26 Soldiers, 4x Lv 26 Gunmen,
Phase 32x Lv 26 Soldiers, 4x Lv 26 Gunmen, x2 Lv 30 Wyvern Rider
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission9120 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

The levels of the enemies you are fighting are really starting to rise now. This is a mission that will gradually introduce increasingly more powerful units. On the positive side, most of them don't swarm you, meaning that you will be able to deal with them one group at a time. One thing to note is how many EP regeneration shards there are scattered around the stage.

Throw your primary force at the first group, which has two Soldiers and a Gunman. Focus on killing the Gunman first (just use Andrias' Shadow Step to get behind him). Once you are done with them, attack the Wyvern and Gunmen group. Once again, we're focusing on killing the ranged units first, then we'll take out the Wyvern Rider. Once you have started fighting the Wyvern, send your Cavalry unit to scoop up those shards and replenish your EP. Grab the treasure chest while you are at it.

Once you finish off the first phase, two more groups of enemies will appear; each a mixture of Gunmen and Soldiers. Take the unit on the right out first, then, once you have cleared them out, attack the unit above. We are, once again, focusing on taking out the Gunmen first and then moving onto the Soldiers.

The reason you wanted to end the second phase with the group up top becomes readily apparent as you transition into the final phase: another two groups will appear. One has two Wyvern Riders and two Soldiers, the other is all Gunmen. The Gunmen will charge at you right from the beginning, the party with the Wyverns will wait for you to come to them. We are charging the Wyvern unit right away and letting the Gunmen come to us.

This will mean that we are going to need to deal with a massive group, however, you have two things on your side, you will have enough energy for multiple summons, and you should still have all your unit swaps available. Focus on killing the Soldiers right until everyone is grouped up around you, then bombard the crap out of them with your AOE spells, attacks, and summons. You should have that massive party down to just the Wyverns in no time. From there, focus on one Wyvern at a time, and you should be golden.

A Patriotic Future

When you get back to base talk to Umarida and get 5,000 gold. Next, go talk to Donovar (if you have recruited him, of course), and you will be given the Side Mission "Knights And Nobles". After that, go to the war room and begin the final story mission for Chapter 4.

Kill The Traitor

Recommended Level29
EnemiesPhase 15x Lv 29 Soldiers, 1x Lv 29 Cavalry Unit
Phase 23x Lv 30 Soldiers, 1x Lv 30 Archer, 2x Lv 30 Cavalry Unit
Phase 33x Lv 30 Soldiers, 3x Lv 32 Cavalry Unit, 2x Lv 30 Mages, 1x Lv 35 Cavalry Unit
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission9600 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)

This mission is a bit of a tough one to categorize for difficulty. On its face, it is pretty simple. You are going to confront troops as a large party, keep your party members healed, distract your enemies with Shield Walls when possible, deal hefty damage using Andrias' assassination-based skills, and bombard units with AOE attacks. Which is to say, there aren't really any left-field elements to this stage.

However, these enemy units are all super buffed up. If you haven't been doing every Side Mission—or even if you have, but you have been trying to level your troops up evenly—this battle is going to be a grind. And while there are lots of ways to help you claim victory even when under leveled, coming into this battle under the recommended level will likely mean you aren't going to finish it in six minutes.

The first phase will have all the soldiers spread out patrolling. But you don't have a lot of time to waste. Confront the closest Soldier with your party, and then send a Cavalry unit to gather the attention of the other enemy troops in the area, funneling them down to your army. This will allow you to use your EP more efficiently, as you will be able to damage all the enemies with your AOE attacks. You will be finishing off a lot of troops with Andrias, so having his Assassination skill is a good idea, as it will help you save time.

Once you unlock the gate, you will enter into an area with two Cannon Towers on the left, and two sets of troops on the right. However, if you just fight the units in the center of the map, leaning more to the right side, those Cannon Towers won't be able to hit you. Leave the Cannon Towers alone and draw the enemy into an encounter in the center of this area. Once you clear the troops out here, capture the tower and move through the gate, you will take a few shots from one of the Cannon Towers, but it isn't a big deal.

In the final area you are going to want to start by ramming your forces up against the Cavalry units standing outside the gate. As you fight them, the nearby Soldiers will likely converge on your position. At this point in the battle, you are likely going to need to either use the GoldHorne summon to replenish your HP and EP, or start aggressively swapping out units. Once you finish the Cavalry and Soldier groups, the hardest part of the battle will be over.

Now, march up the stairs. There is one super pumped up Soldier with two Mages. There are also two Cannon Towers. Send everyone after the Cannon Towers, using AOE attacks to deal damage to the Soldier and Mages at the same time. You should also send one of your melee fighters after the mages while you do this, as it will distract them, and they tend to die pretty quickly. Once the Cannon Towers have fallen, finish off the Mages, then have everyone converge on the Soldier. There are some shards in the back that will help recover some HP and EP. Once you are down to just the Soldier the battle will essentially be over.

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