The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Crown Store Items For May 2021

This month, The Elder Scrolls Online sees the arrival of several new Crown Store items prior to the Blackwood Chapter release in June. If you happen to be an ESO Plus member, you’ll get a few of these items for free along with several discounts and other monthly perks.

May introduces the Kinlord Nemfarion Statuette as a free ESO Plus perk and will be available from May 6 to June 3 at 10am EDT. If you’re a subscriber make sure you swing by the Crown Store and pick up the free decoration. Beyond the statuette, here are a few other items that can be found in the Crown Store:

Crown Gem Exclusive Item

  • Nighthaunt Gloomspore Senche (May 13 – May 20)

Crafting Crown Store Items

  • Crown Crafting Motif: Nighthollow (May 12 – TBD)
  • Outfit Style – Elder Scrolls Artifact: Sinweaver (May 10 – May 13)
  • Outfit Style – Zaan Arms Pack (May 26 – June 23)

Wardrobe Crown Store Items

  • Costume – Night Mother’s Evangelist (May 6 – May 13)
  • Costume – Stealthy Rogues Pack (May 10 – May 13)
  • Costume – Treasure Hunter (May 13 – May 17)
  • Costume – Gem Prospector (May 17 – May 20)
  • Costume- Ancient Sites Explorer (May 17 – May 20)
  • Costume – Nedic Armor Pack (May 24 – May 31)

Crown Crates

  • Dragonscale Crates (May 27 – June 10)


  • Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone (May 6 – May 13)
  • Sithis, The Dread Father (May 6 – May 13)
  • Music Box, Feast of All Flames (May 20 – June 3)
  • Target Harrowing Reaper, Trial (May 20 – June 3)


  • The Erstwhile Sanctuary (May 6 – May 20)
  • Kushalit Sanctuary (May 20 – June 3)


  • Packlord Nightmare Wolf (May 17 – May 24)
  • Kynbound Senche-Panther (May 24 – May 31)


  • Sovngarde Sabre Cat Cub (May 3 – May 17)
  • Gloomspore Senche Cub (May 13 – May 20)
  • Nightmare Wolf Pup (May 17 – May 24)
  • Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon (May 24 – May 31)

Many of these items will be discounted for ESO Plus members. To see a full list of what’s available on the Crown Store today, you can check out the official ESO Crown Store website.

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